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  1. Does anyone have any information on who W Greaves was or what public house he may have ran !
  2. Thanks Edmund and Hugh for this information which is just what I was looking for !
  3. Could anyone help me with some information on the company embossed on this old bottle I have please ! Kevin
  4. Interesting info there Steve ! I've never heard of or seen any bottle with hooson on so thanks ! Kev
  5. Interesting information ! Thanks !
  6. Does anyone have any information on John walker as I have a Victorian bottle with his name on and a man walking embossed on the front ! Kevin
  7. Edmund ! Thanks for the information ! Maybe it was just a name for Attercliffe that the people of Sheffield used and he just decided he would like it on his bottles ! Cheers !
  8. Hi ! Could anyone give me some information on this company on the bottle in the picture please ! Kevin
  9. Thanks for the information guys ! I know its a hard one as theres not much to go on ! thinking he may be the chemist George B Brown / cheers / kev
  10. I have a old Victorian bottle with Browns Hop bitters embossed on it ! could anyone give me some more information on the item please / kevin
  11. Hi ! does anyone know why Mr Sharman had a rabbit on his bottles !
  12. I collect old Sheffield bottles and recently bought the one shown in the photo and would like any information on the name ect . thanks ! kevin
  13. Thanks for the information steve ! seems like mr parrott was a well liked . respectable man in his time
  14. Hi ! im wanting to add more bottles ( stone or glass ) like the ones in the photo to my collection ! if you have any you would like to sell please pm me . kevin
  15. Hi ! i managed to aquire these 2 items to add to my collection of sheffield bottles ! The emerald green beer bottle is embossed Alfred parrot New st Bank st and the other one is a codd bottle W Marples 85 west bar and dates around 1880 . if anyone has any sheffield bottles they would like to sell please pm me . thankyou . kevin
  16. Hi ! could anyone please help me to find out who now actualy owns this derelict site now, as i would like to contact them by letter/phone. any help much appreciated thanks . kevin
  17. My hobby is collecting mineral water bottles by sheffield mineral water companys, these bottles held soda water, lemonade , ginger beers , and hop bitters and the bottles in the photo are just part of my collection and date from 1870 through to 1915, i am always looking to purchase any sheffield bottles i dont already have and if any forum members can help me aquire any there help would be much appreciated. thankyou ! kevin
  18. Thanks for the interesting information hugh ! i did not think he had died so early as i have R T Taylor bottles with dates on them 1894 1895 1897 so i wonder why his bottles were in circulation so long after his death ? any more information is much appreciated thanks . kev
  19. Hi I have been collecting victorian sheffield bottles for many years now and recently bought this early mineral water codds patent bottle by the manufacturer Richard Thomas Taylor . i would like to know more about the man himself like where he lived / died and where he is buried ect ! the bottle dates about 1874 . any information much appreciated thanks . kevin
  20. some interesting info there lads thanks ! just wondering why tapton hall of residence is going to be demolished and whats the history behind the building !
  21. thanks ! i was wondering if there was any council records available on here as once the quarries where finished they where usualy just filled in or iether built on or left ! many are detailed in the maps on here and old-maps.com but not every where is covered ! kevin
  22. Would there be any information on the locations of the quarries in the Walkley / Crookes areas in the 1900s available ! kevin