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  1. Does anyone have any information on who W Greaves was or what public house he may have ran !
  2. Thanks Edmund and Hugh for this information which is just what I was looking for !
  3. Could anyone help me with some information on the company embossed on this old bottle I have please ! Kevin
  4. Interesting info there Steve ! I've never heard of or seen any bottle with hooson on so thanks ! Kev
  5. Interesting information ! Thanks !
  6. Does anyone have any information on John walker as I have a Victorian bottle with his name on and a man walking embossed on the front ! Kevin
  7. Edmund ! Thanks for the information ! Maybe it was just a name for Attercliffe that the people of Sheffield used and he just decided he would like it on his bottles ! Cheers !
  8. Hi ! Could anyone give me some information on this company on the bottle in the picture please ! Kevin
  9. Thanks for the information guys ! I know its a hard one as theres not much to go on ! thinking he may be the chemist George B Brown / cheers / kev
  10. I have a old Victorian bottle with Browns Hop bitters embossed on it ! could anyone give me some more information on the item please / kevin
  11. Hi ! does anyone know why Mr Sharman had a rabbit on his bottles !
  12. I collect old Sheffield bottles and recently bought the one shown in the photo and would like any information on the name ect . thanks ! kevin