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  1. How were the shafts treated at Holbrook? I read somewhere that one of the shafts wasn't filled in until the 1980's?
  2. I've not seen a single photo of the pit prior to its closure. The actual photo of the marker won't upload so I'll have to pop down and take another picture. Apparently the 2 shafts were filled in during the late 1950's then a subsequent shaft filled in 1988, beyond the pits closure the shafts still serviced the pits in killamarsh by way of ventilation.
  3. Found it! There's a concrete trig point that demarks the position of the shaft. It's no longer bearing the steel plate showing when it was filled in, but from research it was filled in in 1959. Approx 6m to its right is a steel vent pipe, with some slightly subsided soil round it, although blocked presumably provided ventilation. To the north west there's also a concrete patch approx 4m square. A cap to another air shaft.
  4. Im guessing the pumping station shut down once the other pits had given up the ghost. Have you seen my other post about Swallows Colliery on the Mosborough Collieries post?
  5. It's about there yes. The pipe is approx 15cm diameter IIRC. The chain link fencing is about right for the time it was filled in. Further to this there's an Adit on the north side of the site facing EMR site, that was treated in the early 1990's. It was open until that time then subsequently stopped with some concrete with a 2ft access vent. Another one to look for!!! Comes out roughly where the pond appears on the 1980s map.
  6. If I get time at weekend I'll try and get a picture of what I mean. I'm sure I must look a bit odd poking about in the bushes looking for this sort of stuff. I half expect the police turning up assuming I'm about to pounce on someone!
  7. Rlongden... As you see the pit head foundation in your picture, looking at it from the footpath, if you walk a little further south there's a small unpaved path that goes parallel with the track bed, follow that and to your right after about 50m, you will see there is some chain link fencing albeit dilapidated, get through that and there's a pipe that comes out the ground surrounded by some loose looking gravel. This might be the shaft cap. I'm informed by the Coal Authority that there's 3 shafts , 2 filled in 1959, then another that was unfilled until the late 1980's that was filled and capped in around 1988. This may be the one I've seen. Could be wrong but go and have a look. Take care though!
  8. Oddly enough Westfield Farm was at Waterthorpe, beneath what is now Farmfields estate and where the Hawk and dove playing field. The only evidence of its existence now is a big stone gatepost that sits in the gennel as you pass through redfern ave. The farm track is still there in the form of the track that runs past the old garages that used to be on Elm Crescent at Mosborough, near swallows colliery. It used to be passable by car years ago all the way to moss way but nature has took its course.
  9. Thinking back its possible School Trends occupied the building after its use as a club. Was it like a working men's club or was it like a function room? I can remember it playing host to a fair every year though.
  10. It can't have been open 15 years then if that's the case, it would have been built in the late 1970's. Does anyone have a picture of the building. I wonder why it closed down?
  11. It was about where Waterthorpe farm was but on the other side of the footpath that crosses the whit bridge, at the back of the playground?
  12. Does anyone remember the pub latterly known as the eclipse on Carley drive at Westfield?
  13. I've visted the site, the only evidence it was ever there is the entrance which is blocked off with a tree trunk. The actual mine itself is surrounded by barbed wire, once you are through this, there's a slight hump in the ground signifying where the drift is blocked up. The soil is very loose though either through possibly movement or through it being waterlogged. Either way I didn't dare venture further. Im still looking for the adit that's on the same side of the valley but faces out onto the stream approx 200m up. Anyone seen this?