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  1. Hi Bill.The newest wagon they had when I was there was a tilt cab Leyland Comet reg XWB 53G.I had a Marathon years later when I worked for A.E.Evans tankers just round the corner from Woodburn Road on Cricket Inn Road. You have a PM by the way. Chris
  2. Interesting topic as I used to drive for C H Preston 1968-69 when they were on Woodburn Road.This photo was sent to me by a so-called friend who asked which one I drove
  3. This is nowt to do with Pickfords but does anybody remember this company,A.E.Evans,Regent Transport who had a yard on Queens Road and then on Cricket Inn Road.I drove for them from 1970 until 1979 .This is one of the newer AECs they ran.
  4. Thanks for that oldrowley.I've always been good at remembering reg numbers,I wish I could have remembered more in my exams at school!I can remember the reg numbers of every lorry I've driven from 1968 - 2005 but I can't recall where I put my glasses just now. he he
  5. Sorry,I should have added that those back-loading Leylands were not used on School runs. RPA 771 - I recognise that reg number after all these years.Don't know where I got RPA 226 or 9 from. <_<
  6. When I lived in Froggatt in the 40s and 50s and was at Lady Manners School at Bakewell, Sheffield Corporation or SJOC used to run us to school. The bus stop was at Stoke Bar between Grindleford and Calver. At first in 1953 they were AEC back loading single deckers but eventually the what we used to "flat fronters" came on the scene. I think the Leyland was an Olympian and there were two AEC models but I can't remember the names of them. One of the AECs was OWB 13 and the others were TWJ ---.Maybe the AECs were Regents or Swifts. I do recall another reg number for an AEC which was RPA 226 or 9 and often wondered if it was an ex AEC demo with that non-Sheffield reg. I remember the name of the General Manager on the N/S of the buses was C.T.Humpidge. There used to be three routes from Sheffield to Bakewell:- 37 via Baslow. 40 via Fox House 44 via Ladybower The other route I remember was 84, the Sheffield-Buxton service shared with North Western Road Car. And route 48 was Sheffield-Manchester via Woodhead. An attempt was made to run a school bus through Froggatt village to Curbar school. I can't remember if it was Whites or Hulleys but one grounded on the Derwent bridge after coming down Stoke Lane and the idea was abandoned for a while.This would be pre 1953 and it was more fun walking anyroad !
  7. I remember Richardsons .When I was on nights in the 80s I used Woodhead 5/6 times a week and they were a regular sight at all times en route to Manchester airport.The coaches seemed to be patronised well.
  8. Hi WE,yes I do remember Tower Hill Transport.They were based in Boston Lincs and ran a lot of Bedfords in the 50s, "S" types and then the TK.They did a lot of market work as well and could be seen regular in Parkway market and then on to Manchester/Liverpool over Woodhead.There has been an article posted about them on a transport forum somewhere.They got in big trouble with the Ministry over driver's hours offences and vehicle maintenance and were closed down.They ran in a green livery with a picture of Tower Bridge on the doors.I was in the RAF in the 60s in Norfolk and had many a lift with Tower Hill at night when I was thumbing it home to Sheffield. lol
  9. Hi Dean. Aye,ask any oldish Sheffield driver about Ripley/Lil/Pig or Transistor Lil as she was later known and they'll tell you a tale or two.She used to frequent a pub called The Prince Of Wales on Butterley Hill going up into Ripley and drank bottles of Guinness.You could end up having an empty bottle through yer windscreen if you gave her any slaver .She knew how many wagons had gone to Brum each day,who they were and how many tons they'd carried,she wasn't too keen on Sheffield BRS drivers for some reason. I know the lay-by you mean over the river,between Derby and Burton and I can still remember all the cafes - Atkins at Findern,the Airport (scruffy hole),the Y-pass,the Oakamoor at Barton and the Tree at Alrewas,all frequented by dee-dahs.The Oakamoor is still open apparantly.Before the Derby ring road was completed there was a cafe called the Olympia on the old A61 running into Derby and it was open day and night,once again full of steel hauliers. Good days they were. Chris.
  10. Hi deansgirl,I had to smile when I saw your post about your dad driving for Harry Atkinson and nearly always getting "Birminghams".I worked for C.H.Preston on Woodburn Road in 68/69 and it was the same there,nearly every shift was Birmingham/Black Country.In those days a lot used the old A61 to Derby through Chesterfield/Alfreton/Ripley and I got to know every bump in the road. When the trailer pool was started at Steel Peech and Tozer some drivers were getting two Brums a day,which would have been hard work then.I knew one or two of Harry Atkinson's drivers but can't recall their names.