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  1. Many thanks for the info RLongden - most helpful and informative
  2. Thank you SteveHB for taking the time to search for and post a Moorhead map. I was originally looking for the layout of the tram lines on Furnival Street which I know was single track at some point but as luck would have it, the 1963 revised map was after the demise of the tramway system. I'm sure one of our tramway wizards will be able to answer my query though. Thanks again.
  3. I am looking for the section covering Moorhead plus Furnival Street but have not been successful. Is this one of the missing sections pls?
  4. First thought was Shoreham Street but I think this service went via London Rd so unlikely. The building at the rear of the tram looks distinctly familiar. Will have to check out some early Sheffield scenes.
  5. 'Elizabeth' is taking part in the Lord Mayor's Show procession in London on Saturday 12th November. The procession will be broadcast on BBC1 from 10.45am onwards. Also look out for the immaculately restored East Yorkshire Leyland Tiger saloon which will also be in the procession http://www.old-bus-photos.co.uk/?cat=37.
  6. Thanks hilldweller. Hopefully F H Brindley's missing photos will come to light sometime
  7. Having said that Stuart, I have noticed a post on the above link that refers to 'The European' as follows, so there you go! It turns out that in May '83 the Boat Train (now Harwich to Glasgow/Edinburgh) gained an official title - "The European", so end of the North Country Continental ... 1885 to 1983, not a bad run! I've just checked available trains and there's now no apparent direct connection from Harwich to Glasgow, the minimum number of changes required being 3 so, presumably, "The European" is no longer either.
  8. There's a comprehensive and interesting thread on the 'Continental' here guys http://www.lner.info/forums/lincolns-boat-train-t2182.html I'm araid I've never heard of 'The European' Stuart
  9. I think, southside, that in 1959 the 'North Country Continental' was referred to as the boat train which ran from Parkeston Quay to Liverpool Central via Sheffield Victoria. It was usually hauled from PQ by a March Sandy B17 loco which was the attraction and the engine would be changed for an electric EM2 at Victoria. I believe that the train was cut back to Manchester Piccadilly sometime later.
  10. Hi HD A little off topic I'm afraid but do you know of photos on Picture Sheffield of the munitions dumps. There was a topic on the Sheffield Forum on this subject in 2005-6 but we never found photos. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  11. Looks very interesting syrup. To be honest, I will read about the trams shortly but firstly my eye was taken to the court case involving the Reverend Young and Miss Burton in the article to the immediate right of the Tram !!!!
  12. Welcome Nutman. Have a look at this site - you should find all SYT stuff under the sun, pink or otherwise. http://www.flickr.com/groups/sypte/pool/with/5680457460/
  13. In short, Sheffield 112 AEC Regent/Weymann was new in June 1935. The Wharncliffe Side accident causing the fire was February 18th 1936. Chassis was sent to Weymann for rebodying in May 1936 and the bus re-entered service in September of that year. Sold to Rochdale Corporation in June 1948. (With acknowledgement to Sheffield Transport Study Group for this information)
  14. Like many others in the 1970's and 1980's, I found the coffee and cream livery quite depressing and uninspiring. I recall driving between Hoyland and Wentworth probably in mid 1985 when I noticed a bus approaching from the Rotherham direction. The livery was the very pleasing Cameo with chestnut brown skirt with thin red stripes below the windows. As it was before the SYT takeover date, there was no branding at all and recognition of the bus was basically by the registration. I was very impressed with this livery and felt it was very classy and the best since STD days by far. I must admit to being rather disappointed when on privatisation, the blocks of red were added to the lower panels especially as these seemed to become very scruffy in a relatively short time, but this is purely a personal preference. I assume that the bus I saw would have been 2194 but somebody may recall if more buses were similarly treated and ran in service as such. Who knows perhaps one day if funds permit, the SYTT may consider this experimental livery as suitable for one of the Dominators in their care. http://regionalbusphotosyork.fotopic.net/p65984009.html
  15. Good decision busman. The Dominator would have given you Sulphuric Emissions!