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  1. Thank you Edmund. How did you find this information. I went into 1939 census records but couldn’t get anywhere as it asked for a surname - which I didn’t have. Anyway that’s great. Thanks.
  2. Does anyone have access to a Kellys directory about 1939 - 1950. I am interested to know the names and occupations of people who lived on Marlcliffe Road from number 17 up to about 51 or can anyone tell me how to go about finding out. Many thanks for any help. Rozie
  3. That's really interesting. Thanks for your replies and the maps and directory. Any more information that anyone has about this area I am always keen to see.
  4. I have always wondered why the house numbers on Marlcliffe Road jump from 22 to 42 and wondered if anyone might know. The houses from 42 upwards were built about 1912. The houses before (with garage block behind) were probably built in the 1920s. Does anyone have a map or pictures of the road after the 1912 houses were built but before the newer houses were built.