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  1. Excellent many thanks, as the only other J Murray i can find played for Motherwell in 1911/12 season, so it looks like the cigarette cards were wrong. Much appreciated. Ninerbrit
  2. Yes, that is what the records show, but as i explained there may have been two different J. Murrays with Motherwell in 1910 as shown on the cigarette cards, one winning two caps and the other one cap. However there may be a situation where the records have put both players together as the same person and thus indicating one player winning three caps. What the cigarette cards show is that Jasper Murray Motherwell won two caps against England and Scotland in March 1910, the another card shows a different player, James Murray, transferred by Motherwell to Sheffield Wednesday and winning one cap against Wales in April 1910. Two diiferent cards showing two diferent people. What i am trying to find out is, are the cards incorrect or has a mistake been made in the IFA records. How that clarifies what i am trying to establish. Many thanks for your assistance. regards Ninerbrit
  3. Yes, but that pen pic attributes James Murray that played for Sheffield Wednesday as winning three caps. I am trying to find out if the information on the cigarette cards issued in 1910 is correct, and that this J. Murray only won one cap, and a different J. Murray won the other two caps.
  4. Many thanks for that. I am trying to trace information on James Murray. I came across information on a set of football cards from 1910 which has TWO J Murray's from Motherwell capped playing for Ireland. One is a Jasper Murray whom it states played twice against England and Scotland in 1910. The other is James M. Murray whom its states was transferred from Motherwell to Sheffield Wednesday in late March 1910 and then was capped against Wales in April. However the Irish Football Association records show just one J. Murray capped in 1910 winning three caps. I am trying to find out were there two players capped or just the one. Also looking for conformation of J.M Murray's middle name. Some sources have it as James Marshall Murray, other say this is incorrect but do not give an alternative suggestion. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Would you have a scan of both pen portraits?