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  1. Hi Blade68.

    I'm also a fellow blade in the Shiregreen area. Hope for a successful season this term. Steve.

  2. I remember Josie's as being the first place I spent a ton on a night out! Me and my mate went in and ended up on black russians all night.... I woke up the next morning absolutely convinced that I'd lost some money somewhere, but on talking to my mate, he'd spent roughly the same so it must've been right! I was about 19/20 at the time, and the place was full of gorgeous girls.... I don't remember the rich sugar daddy types though? But hey - you only see what you want to through beer goggles! I liked Josie's..... used to go to Romeo's quite a bit..... and only really went to The Roxy when a) I was 16, or when I was out with a gang of lads (cos we could get in!).... Gangs always struggled to get in other clubs, we'd spread out in 2's along the line....
  3. The 'Aan' you mention might've been Alan Kilby - quite a famous deaf wrestler! The only other bouncer I remember was Calvin, who also used to work on the door at The Geisha/Legends when I was there. Calvin was spot on, and though his name may be more associated with black men, he was as white as they come...
  4. I remember the manual scoreboard that was infront of the (then new) South Stand...... I think letter A was always Wendys score, and that used to get updated through the match..... By the way, where's the clock gone off the Bramall Lane end?
  5. Great photos.... TC was my HERO....
  6. I saw Sabella's debut against Orient..... but does anyone remember the discrepancies in his name up until his arrival? The Star I seem to recall were calling him Alex Sabia for weeks!!! Does anyone have a photo of him in a United shirt? 'Cos him on the front and TC on the back would make a classic t-shirt...
  7. My Dad started taking me to The Lane in the mid 70's.... I started out at the front of the Kop (remember the white railings?), but as me Dad got older we progressed on to John Street East (nearest the Kop). We used to call in at that crappy little shop on John Street to buy Mars Bar cake and wine gums for the match... and I think a programme was about 10p!!!! First players I remember were Currie, Woody, Jim Brown, Eddie C & John Flynn.... but it was that era when Keith Edwards, Simon Stainrod and Tony Kenworthy were breaking through.... Anyone remember John McGeady? Woody's understudy on the right wing - broke his leg after about 6 matches and never played again... he was a right flyer an all!!!
  8. You're dead right...... I progressed on to The Jam shortly afterwards!!!
  9. Yeah, my sister used to work there too (Yvonne Allen nee Sargeant), she was on reception with a lass called Jackie Bearder... My Sis, used to get me 'comps' too! I remember suffering Keith Harris & Orville, and The Dooleys!!!