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  1. This happened while changing a wheel on the trailer, as on this type of load you did have to unchain the load and jack it up before getting to an inside wheel to change it and was known as "Wilson,s gap " after the driver
  2. another picture of the Samson in Brightside Lane
  3. Hi Fiddlesticks, we most likely did meet my first driver was Ian Green "flying officer Green " I went permanent reserve then Manchester board then driving left in 67 I married a conductress from Townhead Street and she still ain't got rid of me ha ha
  4. I started in 63 around August or September but at Townhead Street but we did have some duties in those days which did routes from other garages ,we did a couple of rounds on the 95 and and a few on the 101,s 102,s & 105s from Leadmill and a bit on 97/98 from Herries
  5. This is on waste land off Brightside Lane
  6. I remember Charlie he must have been one of the smallest goalkeepers in the pro game R.I.P. Mr. R. Springett
  7. I uploaded image before text and I was not able to insert text to photo this is M4401 JLF 621D for member 4401 based at Sheffield depot but picture is taken on some spare land off of Brightside Lane
  8. The Samson and it looks as if it is in the BRS depot at Staniforth Road
  9. Two of English Steel Company,s lorries a 8 wheel Albion and Foden
  10. The low bridge on the Upton 70 route was after leaving Wombwell as a normal double decker could duplicate to Wombwell in busy times but no further
  11. The 1285 t0 1291 AEC bridgemasters were mostly if not all "B" buses which were jointly operated on services out of Sheffield boundary,s   and had a broader blue band as I drove them on route 70 to Upton quite often in the 60s
  12. ​The bridgemasters were mostly used on routes 101,102 and 105 and they were on air suspension so bounced and rolled a bit
  13. Eric Morton in a Scammell Constructor looks as if it is taken in English Steel Corporation                                                 
  14. This the super constructor pulling trailer TM665 with the tilt frame on based at Sheffield
  15. This was taken at Pickford's depot Brightside Lane
  16. Beryl worked at Townhead Street and she worked with a driver called Harold who always wore a dickie bow
  17. When I left the buses in 67 the 150 ,151,10, 49 & 89 all stopped in Bridge Street the 79 and 91 also stopped there but they were Greengate lane circular ( High Green )
  18. It goes to show that when you are young and you do not take as much notice of things as I knew drivers from T,W,Wards, Ward Longbottom and Tommy Blacks and I did realise that they under the same management
  19. In the early 60s the 54 & 55 routes started on Leopold Street, the 51 & 50 started on Pinfold Street and Campo lane was the start for route 7, 107,117, 16, 116, 18, 13 & 14 routes 7, 16 & 18 were out of Herries Road and all the rest were out of Townhead Street
  20. I have found another couple of photos and they are better quality
  21. The top photo looks as if it could be Fitzalan Square looking from Flat Street
  22. Steve I have an inkling you could be right and the photo is not in Sheffield as I knew most of the heavy routes and I have an idea it is taken in Manchester just entering Salford on the A57 before Colgate Palmolive factory and I can't think of the road name at the moment but it will come when I have posted.
  23. Steve you are correct it cannot be Lady's Bridge as there is no tram lines, but I do recall now that we had to go on Blonk Street with some loads and back on Castle gate to come onto lady's Bridge and onto West Bar so I think it could be the bridge on Blonk Street.