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  1. I was also at Norfolk from 59- 63 ,george piddington is my younger brother ,although i have live away from Sheffield since i was 22yr we still now talk weekly thanks to Skype. cyril
  2. sorry took so long to reply .DJ name was wee pipe west
  3. Hi! This is Cyril ,i'm sorry i havnt got back to you sooner ,i looked a couple of times but didn't see an answer. Anyway i am so happy to hear from you ! I'm sorry to hear about the memory loss,i find that stuff scary . I had my first trip in 11 years to UK last september,hope to go again in the near future and would love to visit. I think at this age 62 one starts to get nostalgic sometimes difficult to turn of the memories . How would i find his address on net? here is my mail address and skype. mail; seasidenjoy@gmail.com skype; cyrilpidd Again thanks for taking the trouble to contact me. cyril
  4. Hi Tankys son. My name is Cyril i met your dad when he was with the "milk marketing board" i was working at ,"Firs farm " Ringinglow when i was about 17yr. I was also a friend of "Jim Cranswick " who taught me all i know about leather work. I still have old tools he gave and made for me. I have been here in Japan for 12 yrs with one visit to UK last sept. I hope to have another visit in the near future to see my family in Sheffield, it would be nice to call and say hello to Brian. Yours Cyril Piddington ps Skype: cyrilpidd
  5. Are there any photos or information on a small shoe repair shop at the bottom of commercial st ,well directly at the bottom but across the main rd. It was run by Jim Cranswick a master shoemaker /saddler etc. He was a friend who taught me leatherwork when i was 18yrs. He was a nice man, he also repaired famous peoples climbing boots.
  6. the train is on Midland station platform, parkhill was built at the back of there.Saw this train nany times.
  7. there was anther coalyard at the end of bernard rd past st johns church,i used to go there aged 13 with pram from bard st to get brickets.any info?
  8. Anyone got any photos of these events?
  9. I remember getting wacked fromPiercy with the Tsquare, cane from headmaster and steel ruler from metalwork teacher. Didn't like sport so had run ins with mr Green.I was too interested in the girls.
  10. Miss moore was strict but i remember her as a really nice woman.She encoraged me to sing in the girls choir as my voice was high at that time.I also sang as a choir boy in St Johns church
  11. norlforlk secondary ,craddock rd St johns infant/junior school, just off duke st opposite parkhill
  12. I remember her she had a big nose ,and wore white plimsoles.
  13. My mates and i used to enter a door next to my house and go down a ladder to where all the main pipework and services were. It was a large tunnel down there ,you could walk under the whole area and pop up in another location. We also went on the roof sometimes!
  14. From bottom to top. Gilbert-Hague- Longhenry-Norwich I lived at 26 Gilbert row, with my brother and 3 sisters.