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  1. What estate/flat names were they? I can't remember 'em but always see 'em in the background of pics like this.
  2. Which are these in the background, pic taken at CBS. Thanks
  3. Why is the assumption of a link there? Is it just that dates that are making you connect the two?
  4. This mock-up was done by someone on FlickR and looks great. It's not real but I wish it was!
  5. That's great, I'm looking for as many pics through the eras as possible. Cheers Steve. M
  6. Hi folks. I'm the manager of an insurance firm and we've just taken residence in the old Yorkshire Bank building (580 Attercliffe Road on the corner where it meets Staniforth Road), and wondered if anyone had any pictures inside and out of it from the past? Thanks people M
  7. It's on it's tenth keeper apparently (according to HPI) and was a CAT-C Insurance write off in 2007....
  8. Thanks for those chaps, still those elusive interior shots evade me :D
  9. The child seat reference was tongue in cheek ;) I dont think Alexander would have been that mean to have an unpadded seat for kids!! . Anyways, of anyone has a pic..:D And also maybe a lower deck interior shot of one of the D-platers with that big luggage arear at the back too... And thanks for your help bus man
  10. Hi all, sorry to dredge up an old thread with my first post, but does anyone have a lower deck interior pic of a Dominator, me and the missus we're reminiscing about that ludicrous child-seat thing they had at the back Thanks alot Mark