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  1. Pig sick of Norfolk School, 27 pages long ! Please can we have another school to discuss ?
  2. Thanks guys, the church is also going to use the memorial as the focal point in their annual armistice service etc. Peter, about 3 weeks ago I was told by one of the family member's that they had a DNA sample taken and sent off for analysis, we await further news. Dean.
  3. Roll of Honour now 'saved' and relocated to St Albans. It's now in the secure rear garden leaning against the old Vicarage back wall. They will improve it's surroundings in time.
  4. 10.30am this morning at St Albans, memorial to be moved there, also some sort of 'ceremony', I'll be there with camera.
  5. Sue, hope you see this ! I now have a copy of an original photograph of said memorial, it is of just the carved wooden surround, no names on the marble though ! I can't post it on the site yet as I need to get some permissions, but if you see this PM me. Dean.
  6. Hi Clarp, I have amended the post, apologies. I do have an image of his headstone thanks, and it quite clearly states E. Liversidge ! so how I messed that up I don't know! Dean.
  7. Had this postcard image sent to Sheffieldsoldier from Canada, date before early 1920's. Patients from Wharncliffe war hospital visited it I think for the grounds and the sporting facilities ? Mr E. Robinson owned it pre club days, gardener was a Mr Chester. Do you think that is Mr Robinson and Mr Chester in the image ?
  8. The cross to the left of Frank's (A.13 Railway Chateau Cemetery), belonged to 12/2204 Frederick Squires (A.14 RCC), of Dewsbury, also killed same day as Frank and Frederick was F. Elliott (A.15 RCC), of Rotherham.
  9. Chris De Burghs great grandfather William Davison born Sheffield, also Graham Norton with roots.
  10. As promised - Summat wrong though - KEDIE. FRED not on CWGC There is a medal card for a William F. Kedie, # 3623 York & Lancs, # 517935 Labour Corps, # GS/126178 Royal Fusiliers. 1911 census - there is a William Frederick Kedie aged 12 living at 20ct 4 h Hammond street with his mother and stepfather. Then a death for a William F. Kedie at Sheffield in the Jul/Aug/Sep Qtr in 1954 aged 56 years. So wounded or ill with the Y&L / hence the Labour Corps, then recovered, to the Royal Fus. So quite possibly didn't perish !
  11. Oldbloke, you could apply for his papers at Wellington Barracks in London ?
  12. Yeah, after Firshill to Firth Park in 74/5? Left on a Friday 1979 (May) and on the Monday straight into Welco Cutting Services at the back of the Studio 5,6,7, ! First class with a Mrs. Winters, my mom and dads friend !! At our house for a sandwich every Saturday night !! I can still remember my first day there and my last, will expand if any interest.
  13. When it arrives matey, well chuffed getting this. I did contact the seller and he promised me a list of the names on it after bidding wether I won or not which I thought was above and beyond the call of duty !! Glad to have an 'original' though.
  14. Literally just secured here in Sheffield where it belongs ! Thanks again for the heads-up Richard, much appreciated.
  15. 'trapped Sparrows in the geometric tubing' thats what I remember !! Castle all the way for me, no smell of fish at all, untill you went into the fish bit. Lots of Game hanging up, Pheasant, Rabbit, etc, etc, And of course Harrington's, where I got my Star jumper, Harrington jacket, stay press trousers, Oxford Bags, etc, etc, oh, and the upstairs changing room with those steep steps up to it !! My mother worked in the Fish Market, manageress at ?? in the corner, across from the whelk stall, next to the stall owned by that ex sheff utd player ?? Use to go there mid afternoon on Saturdays and get my mothers bags so she didn't have a lot of 'stuff' to carry home.