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  1. Thought it may be worth mentioning the live traffic camera section given the wintry weather that is set to occur over this weekend... Motorway - http://www.sy-transport.co.uk/traffic/motorway_jam_cams.htm Sheffield - http://www.sy-transport.co.uk/traffic/sheffield_jam_cams.htm HTH.
  2. 1 - Blackstock Road (Gleadless Valley) 2 - Park Hill Flats.
  3. Can't remember that at all, but it does look awful. Then again it is better than what came after, Coffee and Cream... YUK!
  4. Brilliant photos. Brings back some good old memories, hard to believe this was over 4 years ago now!!! How time flies...
  5. After seeing the photos on the SY Transport Forum, I must say it is very lucky that the vehicle wasn't in service at the time. I guess the fire damage was only worst on 30566, due to it been on the Motorway, with no buildings to shelter the vehicle from the wind etc. Looks a fair old mess!
  6. True, I had actually forgotten about this section if I'm honest, hehe. Thanks for pointing it out to me, Transit. :)
  7. Not a problem Springfield. It is more on the "modern" end of transport in South Yorkshire though Sean.
  8. Yeah, it was quite a shock that, but I'm sure there is more to it than just that personally. Anyway, it's good to see it is back to its usual busy self yet again and agree with Transit's comments, seen as you were a new member in the first place, it would probably just be easier just to re-register again. Hopefully, this will never happen again as it was such a shame to see it go, but thankfully it was "brought back from the dead" Also, the October Service Changes are starting to come in and they will be many big changes to First South Yorkshire services (mainly the Sheffield to Rotherham services) with just about all the current "20s" been withdrawn and replaced by new X services (X5, X6, X7, X14 & X15 seem to ring a bell). The 56 will also be brought back in Sheffield, with the 22 been extended from Wybourn to Woodhouse, to replace the current 13/14. The 14 will be withdrawn and the 13 will run from City to Wisewood and Loxley as a new cirular route, running up Loxley Road from Wisewood. Certainly going to be very interesting! Details are also coming through on the Sheffield (January 2010) tenders, which include 24 routes across the city which are up for grabs, including the 20/20A. Regards, Sean.
  9. I was just wondering if any of our more knowledgeable (I hate to use the term "old") would be kind enough to answer a few queries that I have regarding the old Andrews line 123 between City and Sunnyside... Firstly, when was this route created and when was it withdrawn? Secondly, what was the usual allocation on this route by Andrews? Finally, what was the exact route of this service. All I'm told is that it used to run from Sunnyside (Markfield Drive) down to Eastwood on Fitzwilliam Road (via current route 4 I believe) and then into Sheffield from Rotherham via Meadowhall and Carlisle Street. Anyone actually remember the exact route of the Andrews line 123? To conclude, I've managed to find a photo of LOC 81P (Nick Broughton) at Meadowhall Interchange when it was in use on the 123 to Sunnyside. This also suggests that the route managed to remain in service beyond 1991 (when Meadowhall opened).
  10. True Stuart. It was quite a shame to see everything get deleted as there are quite a few good members on their with the inside scoop on things right across the transport sector, incluidng the forthcoming October service changes, which includes a brand new "FreeBee" operating in Rotherham town centre between Retail World and the town hall / Moorgate Crofts. Other changes include the 22 been extended to Woodhouse and the 56 making a comeback to Wybourn. These were proposed in July, though this time the frequency will remain the same throughout on most routes, hence no SCC/SYPTE objections. Regarding your account, if you can't log in I think you may be one of the affected members who need to re-register again, as if you joined when I posted the above link, this would have not been possible as the forum was only backed up to August 29th according to the message on the forum and I posted the message on here on August 30th. Hence your membership has probably been lost in cyberspace... Regards, Sean
  11. Thankfully it appears that the website is now back online after around 3 days been offline. I saw this on their homepage for the forum and thought it may be of interest in case anyone had registered off here in the last few days. "Due to a few technical problems that we have experienced over the last few days since Tuesday morning, all posts and new members since 11:50pm on August 29th 2009, have been lost/deleted. We can only apologise for this, but this is the only recent back-up of the forum that we had available I'm afraid. If you registered on the forum between August 30th and September 1st 2009, you will need to re-register once again. We can only apologise for this. Can all members also please make sure they are using the following URL to access the forum - http://www.forum.sy-transport.co.uk/ Thanks, Staff at South Yorkshire Transport"
  12. Just thought I'd post a quick link to this site that I frequent quite a lot, incase there are any members on here who are interested in the transport side of Sheffield and South Yorkshire... Link - http://www.sy-transport.co.uk They also have a transport forum, which is where I'm mainly located , which is available to view here - http://www.forum.sy-transport.co.uk Sadly, to view the forum though, you need to become a member. But it is a good place to make friends as I've found out and also a good place for the latest news regarding the transport side of things, such as the latest service changes and fleet moments etc. Not sure if any of you already know about this website, but it is well worth a look IMHO :)
  13. It looks like the 42 extension was just a rumour, as posted on a local transport forum ( www.forum.sy-transport.co.uk ) here are the full list of changes for Sheffield, not yet online for some reason! "Service changes from July. Nothing what was planned, this is just the tip of the ICEBERG! Looks like SCC/SYPTE got their way in the end. Total PVR reduced by around 12 vehicles at OG. 1 - Hillsborough to Jordanthorpe - Withdrawn. See NEW services 1,2 & 3 for partial replacements. NEW 1 - City to Hillsborough via Meadowhall. Route via current route 7 between City and Darnall and then as present service 1 to Hillsborough. Every half hour. 2 - Hillsborough to Waterthorpe - Withdrawn. See NEW services 1,2 & 3 for partial replacements. NEW 2 - City to Waterthorpe - Route via current route 4 between City and Meadowhall and then via current route 2 from Meadowhall to Waterthorpe. 3/4 - City to Millhouses Circle - Withdrawn. See service 84 for a partial replacement. NEW 3 - City to Meadowhall - Route via current route 33 to Jordanthorpe then via present route 1 to Meadowhall. Every 30 minutes between City and Hollythorpe Rise and every 60 minutes between Hollythorpe Rise and Meadowhall. 6 - City to Darnall via Attercliffe - Reduced to every 30 minutes. Now serves Arundel Gate rather than Flat Street. 7 - Shirecliffe to Darnall via City - Withdrawn. See services 1 & 85 for partial replacements. NEW 13 - City to Wisewood Circle (Pink) - City to Wisewood Circle. Via current route 13 to Wisewood Avenue, then via Loxley Road to Loxley, then as service 14 around Chase Road and down Rodney Hill back to Hillsborough & City. Every 15 minutes. Provides a 5 minute frequency between Hillsborough Interchange and City along with services 11/12. To run the same route around the city centre as routes 11/12. 20/20A - Hemsworth to Hillsborough via City (Lime) - Service change in North Sheffield with service 20A diverted down Galsworthy Road and Donovan Road in Southey Green to replace service 33. Service 20 will continue as now down Southey Green Road and Penistone Road North. Same frequency remains from July (every 20 minutes each Monday to Fridays, every 30 minutes Saturdays and every hour evenings and Sundays). NEW 22 - Nether Edge to Woodhouse (Turquoise) - Nether Edge to City as now, then onto Woodhouse via the current 13/14 routes. Cut down to a 15 minute daytime operation. 23/23A/23B - City to Dinnington / Rotherham - 23B withdrawn. 23/23A every half hour between City and Dinnington. For a partial replacement to service 23B, see NEW service 24. NEW 24 - City to Rotherham - To cover for service 23B between City & Dinnington and also service 25 between Dinnington and Rotherham. Every hour Monday to Saturday daytime. 25 - Rotherham to Dinnington - Withdrawn. See service 24 for a partial replacement. 26 - City to Aston Circle - Service diverted Monday to Saturday daytimes via Crickett Inn Road and Parkway Avenue. Same frequency remains. TM Travel take over the operation on early mornings, late evenings and all day Sundays. Also now serves Arundel Gate. 33 - Hillsborough to Jordanthorpe via City - Withdrawn. See services 1,3 & 20A for partial replacements. 41 (Orange) - City to Halfway - Cut down to a 15 minute operation. NEW 42 (Orange) - Hallamshire Hospital to Frecheville as now, then via Silkstone Road & Dyke Vale Road to Birley Spa Lane and then as now to Waterthorpe. Cut down to a 15 minute operation. NEW 44 (Indigo) - City to Birley as per service 94. Frequency increased to every 15 minutes. NEW 56 (Green) - City to Wybourn as current service 22, although will only run from Pond Street Bus Station and not Arundel Gate / Moorfoot. Reduced to every 12 minutes. 70/70A - Waterthorpe to Ecclesfield (70) or Rotherham (70A) - Withdrawn. 77/78 (Indigo) - City to High Green (77) or Chapeltown (78) - Service reduced to every 20 minutes in the daytime. Service 77 to run with a 20/40 minute gap in place of service 78 which will operate hourly. In the evenings and on Sundays the 78 will be withdrawn and replaced with the NEW 79. 84 - City to Ringinglow via Bents Green - Service enhanced to a hourly daytime service from July and also now rerouted via Boston Street and Pslaters Lane to cover for withdrawn services 3 & 4. 85 - City to Millhouses via Ecclesall - Service extended to Shirecliffe via Cooks Wood Road (daytime) and Firshill Crescent (evenings & Sundays). The service follows the same loop around Shirecliffe as present service 7 to Penrith Road. Half hourly frequency remains. 94 - Walkley to Birley via City - Withdrawn (see services 42,44 and 95 for replacements). NEW 95 - City to Tinker Lane (Mauve) - City to Walkley only. Every 10 minutes. Tenders are out for a 3 (Jordanthorpe to Meadowhall) in the evenings and Sundays, hourly, 4 (City to Millhouses Circle) every hour Monday to Saturday daytimes and the 86 (City to Fulwood) also every hour Monday to Saturdays. Think that covers most of the major changes in Sheffield by FSY from July." Hope this is of help to you all lol
  14. And it may soon be becoming the new 42 Fulwood to Crystal Peaks service from July according to inside sources on a local transport forum. This would involve the 40 been withdrawn the 42 extended to Fulwood from its current terminus at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital.