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  1. I saw Pink Floyd there doing the Echoes tour around 1971 Around the same time we went to see a popular band at that time called Van de Graph Generator they were crap. The two backing groups we had never heard of were brilliant: Lindisfarne and Genesis
  2. Hi Dave Beg to differ the youngest year was 13 at CT yes Groarke & Newsum ring bells But the stars of the show were: Mr Knight (spike): History teacher - Once offered Ian Sen out first and then the rest of the school after Mr Ken Wosterholme- Metalwork teacher & ex-boxer good guy - once fought Spike at 4 o clock on the school playing field with the school out to watch Mr Sam: metal work teacher- deaf as a post but very good with metal, if you upset him he would send you to see - Mr Walker: Maths head - be afraid this guy was the BOSS at CT Mr Crisp: Bricklaying teacher The Ian Sen I refer to was at that time "cock of the school" his father was the landlord of The Cutlers at Gleadless town end.
  3. Hi Dave What dates are you looking for? I think you will find your school mate passed his 13+ to go to the CT (it was called the school for the second chances), I was born in 54 so at 13 the year would be 67 I was in the 6th form for six months (I left at xmas to start at Firth-Browns) That was 1971, I guess. Form teacher was Mr (desperate Dan) Jarvis
  4. Hi I went to St John Fishers from 1965 to 1967 I believe we were either the first or second year to use the school. After St John Fishers I went to The Central Tech at Gleedless, yet another one to bite the dust.
  5. Hi Sol I remember the landlord about that time as Les Simmonds (ex BSC) (after the Brown cow he had the bird in hand at eckington) I used to work & drink with his son Stuart.