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  1. Hello Dunsbyowl, I am attaching a few photos. You got the one ad but I can't seem to see it anywhere so I am posting it again. Enjoy.
  2. Does anyone have photos of the following: Granville House, Trafalgar Rd Rose Cottage, John Homestead, Christ Church 1871 8 Haddington Villa, Ilford Road 3, 1871 St. Anns Cottage, John Homestead, Christ Church 1871 Norman House 1871 Keeping in mind, I am not at all familiar with counties etc. Thank you.
  3. Am I not supposed to be using capital letters? If not, I do apologize.
  4. I understand. Just thought I would mention it as Pashley rarely seems to come up...at least for me. Good luck!
  5. Thank you for your message. Firstly, I thought you might like this photo of where Henry hobson Lived with Elizabeth nee Wicks - Llandfoist 10, Hornsey, Crouch End, Christ Church. Doesn't it look like a haunted house? Unfortunately, it is not haunted anymore. It was transformed into flats and then later demolished some years ago. This is the address -Llandfoist 10, Hornsey, Crouch End, Christ Church. I was trying to load it onto one of the search option sites, but there doesn't seem to be a way to so I thought I would upload it this way. I thought I gave dates,names and mentioned all the Hobsons were cutlers posting under Grove Lodge and Cottage for Dunsbyowl? Just new,,,,, hope the picture loads okay. Thanks, yes I have been in touch with the SheffieldHistory Research Fellows...well, actually they touched base with me which was nice of them. I do have a posting there too,,,maybe that is where I listed what I was talking about above. Lord give me patience,,,I am not a pc wiz and have never blogged or any of that stuff before.
  6. I have an Ann (nee Green) PASHLEY. She was born about 1828. Parents are Nancy and William Green married 1808. Maybe a relation?
  7. Yes, I never looked at it that way. A stroke would surely have affected his mind. Thanks Gramps.
  8. I apologize...not really familiar with the roads. Please do not assume me pushy, but I have tried everywhere to find the Greaves Hotel, in a way the name seems most appropriate doesn't it, but cannot. Am I mistaken that there is no actual hotel but it is the name of group of hotels? Upon your response, I promise not to push the issue. You have been so patient with this newcomer. Respectfully yours. Karin
  9. Looking for a photo of Greaves Hotel, Orchard St. Thank you. Karin
  10. I am searching for Hobsons living in Sheffield 1762 - 1890. They are all cutlery manufacturers. Have censuses but would like to find some photos of: Edward b.1799 d.1858 and Hannah nee Thompson B.1797 D.1856 Hobson m.1821 Henry b.1823 - d.1897 and Ann (nee PEARCE) HOBSON b.1824 d.1869 m.1842 Henry S. Hobson b.1848 d.1890and Elizabeth (nee WICKS) b.1855 d.1911 m.1878 Also, searching for William WALSHAW and Sarah nee Hobson? 1710 - 1782...any information on them woud be welcomed with open arms. Thank you for reading my posting. Karin
  11. Thank you so much Dunsbyowl. You have been ever so helpful.

    You are indeed a knowledgable 'Sheffieldite'.

    1. cawmax2


      Hi Karin....I will be a relative of yours. John Barber Hobson, brother of Henry was my Great Great Grandfather. My e-mail is carolinetemple@msn.com if you would like to get in touch

  12. Is this place also known as Pye Bank? And, is Pye Bank the name of an area as well as a road?
  13. Thank you Dunsbyowl! I do have an article from a very long time ago, but this one provides a little more on the circumstances. It is indeed a sad story..a tragic love story. I do appreciate you finding this. Could you please tell me how you got to the "thread"? Just trying to understand a little more on how to use the search application. Karin