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  1. I just did a reverse image search and apart from Brightside Baths the "best guess" was The Hole in the Road.
  2. I am still here, just a tad busier than I used to be. Still looking for old innkeepers but I am sure that list must be pretty much complete by now, or as close to as possible.
  3. A family photograph taken in My Gran's backyard on the old Harold Street before the redevelopment. Featuring Elizabeth Dowde, my Uncle Ted Dowde, my brother (on the deckchair) and me.
  4. Well I thought this sounded familiar Richard, a post from me back in the day "Posted 23 March 2008 - 01:47 AM Putting together info, I have a Landlord John Webster, a location Hermitage Street Ecclesall, a date circa 1770, a pub with a Bowling Green, but no pub name. Damn.." 6 years later I am back on it and see if I can dig up anything else
  5. This site might offer some other info, it has a few maps and pics as well. http://www.workhouses.org.uk/Sheffield/
  6. Hi Lizzy welcome to the site, if you type Middlewood Hospital in the main Sheffield History home page you will find all of the references to the place on the site
  7. The Book is called Sheffield Workhouses. This is the blurb from Google Books "Margaret Drinkall - 2011 - No preview Containing the full and fascinating histories of Sheffield's three workhouses (as well as the workhouse school and the attached farm), this book will captivate residents and visitors alike."
  8. Am i losing the power of being able to look through the pub index, i cant seem to find this chap listed, i am taking it that this Stone House is indeed a pub...".When Gosling's plan was made in 1736, neither Mulberry Street nor Change Alley was in existence. All was gardens from the backs of the High Street houses to Alsop fields (afterwards Norfolk Street). A deed of 1786 shows that some time previously the garden formerly adjoining Ralph Elmsall's (the "Old Stone House") had been let off in pieces for building, when part of it is " now used as a street."
  9. I used to be a Penthouse regular on a Friday night, I was a bit later than most of you it was probably around 1978[9 that we used to go in. The one person I remember was Ali, the guy who ran the little snack bar back then, he made as much money from his Find the Lady as he did from serving burgers.
  10. some of my snow pics from a couple of years ago, most are obvious as to where they are, one might be tricky, i have a feeling though the brains out there will soon work them all out
  11. Sorry for all the snow for you guys, the views down Stannington Road and Rivelin Park Road look just like some pics I took a few years ago, i will see if i can find them. This is my weather at the moment.....
  12. I remember a few years ago when the floods hit Sheffield and Look L**ds did not even mention them on the day, if that had been L**ds they would have been all over them. it took until the next day for Krista and Harry to get off their backsides and come down and report on what had happened............
  13. dobberd

    January 2013

    well it is a "football" but funny how the post diisappeared , maybe it is a desert in Arizona...................
  14. okay i am a bit out of touch with all of this but do we have a listing for Beerhouse Golden Fleece, owner Robert Smith in the area of Queen's court.