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  1. 1972. That's how I remember it. It's burned on my memory.
  2. Hey Ian, Just saw your reply when this topic was opened up again. I would be interested in seeing your photographs if you can upload them, I'm sure they would be of interest to the historians on this site.
  3. Used to go to Glossop Road baths in the mid 60's, there was a little café close by which was our first stop after a swim, they sold penny crusts, the buttered end of a loaf. Best thing ever for starving little kids.
  4. Was Wimpey the construction company or the hamburger shop?
  5. Can't help you with Kelly's but it's good to see you still staggering on Hilldweller. Just re-read your MG post back in Feb 2017, I remember it well, so difficult to reply to something like that. Please keep posting, we miss your grumpy persona when we don't hear from you. All the best from Tassie.
  6. I read his autobiography 'Headlong Into Pennilessness' published by ACM Retro - a most interesting read. I lived just round the corner from him and was familiar with all the places he reminisced about. He is a Sheffield born, London based poet, art critic, fiction writer and publisher contributing regularly to the Independent, the Financial Times, the New Statesman and the Economist. His new collection of poetry is published by Savage Poets Collective of Sheffield. He was born in Fir Vale and read English at Queens College Cambridge. I sent him a copy of my book, self published, hoping to elicit some response but he was too busy.
  7. I have sent a PM to the admin. team regarding the Banner Name
  8. Hi BenBeau, Looks if I missed out on that trip to France, I didn’t even know we had a twin school in Alençon, maybe they told us but I just wasn’t listening. And I was pretty hot at French, quite au fait with the language, as you can see. Miss Hannington taught us some of the time but in my last year they shipped in a genuine French teacher from the continent who was quick to recognise the raw talent I possessed and rewarded me with an AA report card and an O level pass. Sadly I only have the initials MJR to remember her by. However, going back to the student exchange thing, I do recall my older brother entertaining a French student (male) at our home although I don’t think my brother ever went to France. I remember being envious of the musical instrument he constantly played which was a mouth piano. The Marseillaise never sounded so good!
  9. Sounds like the perfect childhood. In't it a pity we have to grow up.
  10. We lived at Firvale, the Cannon Hall, Sportsman and Tollgate were our favorite dives, this was pre 1972 the year we shipped out to Auz. We loved the Tollgate, it was a nice quiet pub, never any trouble. I remember the pinball well, wasted many an hour on it. Only names I can recall in the Gate were Dave McCambridge and his mate Bob (?) who had a deformed leg or hip and walked with a serious limp. I checked out the Tollgate on Google Earth just recently - it's now a supermarket, the happy days are gone forever Kidneystone.
  11. Hey Up Davey, I assume Chap. is Chappletown and not Chappaquiddick? The forum is a goldmine, I spent a week looking back through old posts when I first joined. Let us know what you dig up and what Millhouses Park was like 44 years ago. Just a tip . . . lose some of the spaces, it's easier for us to read. Cheers.
  12. Loved your video about Dinnington miners, very moving in parts. Like the middle aged miner with 3 grown-up kids who had never learned to drive. And the miner who started a new career in his wife's Bridal wear business. Very humbling when they lined up to get their redundancy letter and commemorative tankard. A football team posing for a team photo all wearing flat caps. That video is gold, thanks for the link.
  13. Think the postcard is addressed to somewhere in Liverpool Tozzin??
  14. This is an excerpt from a post I put on the forum some time ago. After four miles my brother and I detoured from the tow path to share a welcome pint with the heroes of the Civil War. Did the Civil War have heroes? Heroes or not, their portraits adorn the Oak Room of Carbrook Hall. In 1640 Sheffield didn’t even appear on the map of England but Carbrook Hall did and this magnificent old building welcomed us with open arms. I think it’s the best pint I had in all my time in England. I swear some planets must have aligned at that moment producing a set of circumstances which might never be repeated in my lifetime; the weather, the atmosphere, being on home soil, walking with my brother after so long, a feeling of peace and contentment. I could have stayed there all afternoon but there was Hadfields Weir still to do before I could say I had walked the Five Weirs. Never saw any spooks while we were there, then again it was a Tuesday morning, probably not the best time for engaging the supernatural.