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  1. Crikey that bloke bottom, middle looks like my dad
  2. You'd go up the stairs to try the stuff on and there'd be 20 other people up there
  3. Yeah Trams. I'm pretty sure the terminus used to be at Gallaghers but I think it may have been extended up to the church at Chaucer. I saw a picture of this but I can't remember if it was on the Internet or in a book, anyone help?
  4. I shopped at Bradleys, Roulette Records and Impulse which was on Cambridge Street
  5. Seem to remember a clock too, it may have been above the bank. My abiding memories of that photo would be sitting on the wall waiting for a bus and if you had to wait 5 minutes it seemed like forever. I remember the services 42, 49, 53 and 80 stopping there. Not lived that way since 91.
  6. My mate used to work there, shame it closed down
  7. I remember that one, I used to lived on Southey Green Road, Near cookson and then on Meynell Road. infact that lady sat on the wall, 3rd from left looks a bit like me mum. I would say the pic is from around 1981-1983. the box was gone by then. If you look at the curb far left, it looks like you can see the old floor/mount which was left there long after the box went.
  8. My brother lived in Hyde Park flats during the late 70s. He lived on Roland Row which was 2nd from the top, number 124 I think. being about 10-13 at the time I thought it was ok. We used to watch the dog track out the back and send those polystyrene gliders from the front other the city centre. We also used to watch the coal trains go through Victoria and up over Woodhead.
  9. Went to the van a few times, seem to remember a tall bloke with a tache and a cook's hat ... but I was always drunk at the time. Wasn't the building under the railway bridge near Princess Street caled Gee Gees or something?
  10. That is behind what used to be Dewhirst's the butchers which was the very last shop, probably be the cold room/store
  11. In the 70s I remember the steel hammers could be heard going on all night. You had to learn how to shut it out.
  12. The Cannon Brewery at Neepsend, Bass/Stones Bass/Stones on Claywheels lane Tetleys on Herries Road Used to like The Royal Lances on Penistone Road. A Whitbread pub if I remember.
  13. You mean the pub that's now open? Yeah it's not too bad but it has a bit of a cold-victorian feel about it, you'll see what I mean. That's said there's a cosy little side room just before the toilets, but not really much space in which to swing a cat. On top of that, the beer contract is Thornbridge and that's not my cup of tea; it would be much better if it was a free house.
  14. My office overlooks Bridgehouses and the latter part of the Wicker Arches. I've seen trains go up maybe a couple of times per week and a leaf blower at least twice per week. The line is now single all the way to Deepcar. The station building at Deepcar is now a private home and gardens back onto the platform at Oughtibridge station. Bit of a shame since trains used to travel the line approx every 10 minutes.