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    This is from the 'Sheffield Indexers' (http://sheffieldindexers.com/index.html ) site. EADES, Robert (Butcher, age 58). Died at Carbrook; Buried on March 6, 1883 in Consecrated ground; Grave Number 3797, Section D of Attercliffe Cemetery Cemetery, Sheffield The Burngreave Cemetery burial transcriptions are on this site too. http://www.friendsofburngreavecemetery.btck.co.uk
  2. Hi John, The records aren’t fully transcribed yet but I’ve found these two if that helps. No sign of Elizabeth as yet. MOORE, John aged 73 of 153 Broad Oaks, buried in E-367-Uncons on 09-01-1910 MOORE, June aged 62, wife of John aged 62 of 39 Ripon Street, buried in E-367-Uncons on 07-06-1894
  3. He was buried in grave number E-368-Unconsecrated at Darnall Cemetery on 16th November 1892 if that's of any help. He died in the Infirmary.
  4. Are these the names to go with this photo? Top Row: Leslie Ord, Frank Wright, Roy Jenkinson, Michael Denton, Tony Bower, Malcolm Fellows. Middle Row: Ann Smith, ? , Spencer Burkinshaw, Maureen Frith, Michael Harper, Malcolm Schofield. Bottom Row: Marie Kempton, Veronica Justice, Judith Mi(e)ller, Valerie Young, Linda Bell, Joan Cornthwaite.
  5. It looks like "sold here" in lower case letters.
  6. Looks like the bottom of Corporation Street, Rotherham.
  7. Hi UKL, You're right. I was thinking that the young lad, third from right, bottom row was one of the twins who lived on Woollen Street. If it is that family, who I think were called Smith, then that guy will be the older brother, Raymond??
  8. Leslie Ord was in the same class that I was in at Philadelphia. The lads in the photograph were in the year below us.
  9. There's this one on Infirmary Road, close to Portland Street.
  10. She lived in the flats above Langsett Cycles and was well known to our family too, having delivered three of us.
  11. United Methodist Sunday School, Allen Street? I've no idea what the previous one looked like.
  12. I was baptised at St. Anne's, Hoyle Street in 1943 and I remember being in the 'Wolf Cubs' in the early '50's. My sister was in the 'Brownies'.