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  1. Thanks for all the replies people. Special thanks to Dave for the photos. :)
  2. Merry Morning with Leslie Crowther from a childrens ward somewhere. My Dad saying "think yourselves lucky youre at home" and us kids thinking that it might be worth a broken leg to get our hands on the presents that were being given away. lol
  3. Thanks for that, the photo brought back a few memories as well.That could well have been my dads austin,he was always having to leave it somewhere when it broke down. L
  4. I wonder if anyone can help me? There used to be a pub on the corner of Fitzallan street and Montfort road at pitsmoor many years ago.All I remember about it is a cigarette advert painted on a side wall, I think it was a flying horse,that would be Turf cigs. Lakes shop was on the opposite corner. Does anyone know the name please? Les
  5. Well done, the photos are quite haunting. I think one of them was my old classroom (with the stepped floor) I started in the nursery school there in 1960, I moved to Hillsborough in 1966.We used to live @ 118 Rock Street. Les
  6. I was at Wisewood from 1968-1971. Does anyone remember Mr Haydock. Mr Else and Pop Kaye?
  7. Many and varied, William Hill call centre , H.S.B.C. Learning and developement, Capita Hartshead, Identity and Passport Service to name but a few. Thanks .
  8. Hello. I work at Milton House on Charter Row In Sheffield. I know the present building was built in 1973, and has since been refurbished twice. Could anyone tell me what used to be here before ? Les.
  9. I used to go to the White House chippy at the top of Rock Lane, Pitsmoor, when I was a lad. That would have been around 1960. They always used to smell great. My mother used to send me ,and the parcel of chips and fishcakes (with salt and vinegar on) used to seem enormous. The only time I have fish and chips now is when we go to the East Coast.