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  1. I remember Mr Oakes as Head master, Raymond F. Oakes to give him his full title, I left in 1957 from the 11 plus class- form teacherthat year,a Mr Cohen, Three of us passed the 11 plus,and all left that year:- Tony Selway, went on to King Edwards, Myself, on to High Storrs, and Keith Holland on to City Grammer, Can't remeber any other names though, I am even amazed where these came out from,
  2. In the mid to late sixties, my late pal Pete and I used to visit a pub, ( can't remember the name, but if there now, would be off the large roundabout at the bottom of the Parkway,by the old Parkhill flats,) for the weekly meeting of the "Rock and Roll Preservation Society," Live artists would be Dave Berry, Vance Arnold, Frank White,and the DJ was Gasping Gus, any one out there with any other memories or more detail ?