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  1. Miss Ash lived on Sandygate Park Road before she married & she drove a little red sports car. I've attached the picture from my webpage of the Tapton teachers in the min-1960s. The quality isn't brilliant as it's a scan of a photocopy. These are names I can remember: Back row (L-R): Mr Fry, Mr Haywood, Mr Achurch, Mr McGrady, Mr Fitzpatrick, Mr Yeats, Mr Philips, Mr Kicks Short centre row: Mr North, Mr May, Mr Vickers, Mr O'Keefe Middle row: Mr Stokes, Mr Shaw, Miss ?, Miss Crofts (Gobbere), Miss Ash, Miss Carter (Pointen), Mr Doughty, Mr Peterkin Short right row: Miss Hibberd (May) Miss ?, Miss ? Miss ?, Miss Laver, Miss ?, Miss ? Front row: Mrs Tucker, Mrs Korklin, Mrs McDonald?, Miss Hart, Miss ?, Miss Wilkinson, Miss ?, Miss ?
  2. I remember having Mr Grant for History. I also remember having a young French Canadian woman for french in my 1st year but can't remember what her name was. Miss Barnard possibly or something like that???
  3. I was at Tapton from 1964 to 1969. The school house I was in was Allen which was blue. The other houses were Firth (Yellow), Mappin (Red) & Osbourn (Green) The forms I was in were 1C (Miss Croft later Mrs Gobbere), 2K (Mrs Korklin definitely with a K) , 3xH (Miss Hibberd later Mrs May), 4xB (Mr Barton), 5xS (Mr Shaw) I've got a collection of pictures at http://www.ipernity.com/doc/295743/album/599649 This picture is quite interesting of the teachers at that time http://www.ipernity.com/doc/295743/29677155
  4. To the left of the steps going up in to the Grand Hotel are the steps going down to the Buccaneer bar in the late 1960s / early 1970s, possibly not at the time this picture was taken.
  5. As already said. Junction of High St,,Church St,, Fargate. The white railings in front of Boots, the white railings on the far right & where the picture is taken from, are all places where there were entrances to a subway system under Fargate & Church Street. This included an entrance to Boots basement floor, this floor is not open to the public any more. The corner on the far right at the time of this picture was the gas board showrooms, before this building was built, it used to be the site of Cole Brothers department store. "Cole's Corner"
  6. I was only there in the infants in the late 1950s. The only thing I remember about it was I had to do a term (perhaps longer) at the parish hall across the road.
  7. The link should be http://www.flickr.com/photos/sheffdave/collections/72157607505969472/ for just the BT pictures.
  8. I've got this one at High Bradfield http://www.flickr.com/photos/sheffdave/3240632063/
  9. I've got a couple of pictures VR postboxes in Sheffield. http://www.flickr.com/photos/sheffdave/2471011585/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/sheffdave/2471832490/ Information of where they are is included.
  10. Yes, I am! I think so, if he's who I think he is. (Going on his 1st name & where he lives) :)
  11. Just looking back at this tread I started in 2007. It's great to see Mick is still going strong! :)
  12. I have another picture looking the other was towards Eldon Hose where you can see the car park where Milton House was going to be. http://www.flickr.com/photos/sheffdave/1966840496/in/set-72157594304242775 Eldon House opened in the early 1960s to house the new Trunk Exchange for the introduction of Subscriber Trunk Dialing (STD). It replaced the trunk exchange that had previously been in the Head Post Office (HPO) in Fitzallen Square http://www.flickr.com/photos/sheffdave/305623783/ & the local central exchange that had been in the basement of Telephone Buildings at the bottom of West Street http://www.flickr.com/photos/sheffdave/5136095654/ Eldon House was originally a L shaped building. In the early 1970s an extension was built that was about twice as big as the original building that made it in to a square building with a court yard in the middle. This then had another office (link) block across the middle of it.
  13. I have this picture I believe taken in the mid-1960s, taken from Eldon House looking up Charter Row showing where Milton & Telephone were built. http://www.flickr.com/photos/sheffdave/1848067304/
  14. Is this the building you're talking about on the right of my picture taken in 2001. https://www.flickr.com/photos/sheffdave/286614754/in/album-72157594353874012/ Link updated 03/01/2016
  15. I think it will be the old Gaumont. If you look at my picture of the Gaumont from the mid-70s: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sheffdave/1844245760/in/album-72157594304242775/ (Link updated: 03/01/2016) this was after the cinema was split in to 2 with the higher roof than the 1964 picture.
  16. Here's a picture of Barkers Pool from April 1964, with The Albert on the far right. From "Remember Sheffield in the 50s, 60s and 70s" by David Richardson, published: 2002, ISBN: 09534267-8-5 Picture by C.J.Farrant
  17. After a prompt from dobberd (off list) I've managed to find this picture with Redgates on the left. It's from "Sheffield Corporation Tramways" by Kenneth Gandy, Published: 1985, ISBN: 0 086321 032 5 The caption says: "Cars at Moorhead leaving and entering the Furnival Street line during the visit of the Queen Mother to the Town Hall on 17th may 1958" Picture by R.F.S.Wiseman
  18. I found this in "Not Like a Proper Job" by John Firminger & Martin Lilleker, Published:2001, ISBN: 1-872204-80-5: This is about a Sheffield pop contest put on at the City Hall on 16th September 1963 by Peter Stringfellow. "The judges - record company representatives - chose the Vampires as the winners, partly thanks to a virtuoso performance on harmonica by singer, songwriter and organ player John E Alexander." "The line-up also featured Don Allison and Brian Cooke on guitars, Dave Fawcett, bass, and Richard Smith on drums. One of the judges Tony Hatch, later to be better known as a songwriter, took them under his wing, renaming themthe Sheffields. They went on to make three singles for Pye with Hatch as producer." There's quite a bit more in there. I think this picture below was there final line up.
  19. This was the only Night Club I could ever get in, in the early 1970s. Hair too long, etc, etc.
  20. I used to work with Chris Watson (member of Cabaret Voltaire) many years ago. He's now one of the top sound men in the world, I've noticed his name for instance on nearly every Bill Oddie TV nature programme. He has a web site: http://www.chriswatson.net Here is a picture of Chris when i worked with him.
  21. Saw Vinegar Joe (Lead Singers: Elkie Brooks & Robert Palmer) a couple of times there, Patto (several times) & Stackridge, as well as, many more on Sunday evenings at The Black Swan in the early 1970s.
  22. Lord Nelson, jcn Earl Street / Arundel Street
  23. I used to go to the Robin Hood when I was on "day release" at Stannington College in the early 1970s. We would ring up the pub from college (no mobiles in those days) as we set off, to put x number of pies in the oven, so they would be ready by the time we had walked up there, for pie & peas and, of course, one on the best pints of Stones bitter around. When I say one I mean 4 or 5 & then walk back to college to sleep through the rest of the lessons. There was a big open fire you could sit in front of at the Robin Hood, which was really good during the winter months. At that time it had quite a few small rooms but it was all knocked through in the mid-70s in to one big room. The other thing that springs to mind, on one occasion, I'd been playing in an evening cricket match at Loxley & I walked back up a long steep cobbled path with a hand rail down one side just below the Robin Hood. As I walked up I saw something moving under the hand rail, I stopped to try to see what it was, I had just worked out that it was a baby owl when something hit me right between the shoulder blades, at first I thought someone had thrown a brick at me but them I realised it must have been the baby owl's mother that had attacked me. I needed a pint in the Robin hood after that :unsure:
  24. McCloskey's Apocalypse were a trio of Ray Higgins (Lead Singer, Lead Guitarist & glass eater), Mick Wilson (Bass, Violin & various other instruments) & Dave Seville(drums). In "Not Like a Proper Job" by John Firminger & Martin Lilleker, Published:2001, ISBN: 1-872204-80-5, it say: That they started in August 1968 & disbanded in April 1973. They spell McCloskey's with an O instead of a U as I did. There's about 6 pages in there (pages 226-232) about them. They played the Broadfield, Dog & Partridge (Attercliffe) but i remember them playing The Minerva Tavern. I also saw them play the back room in The Raven, Open Air Concerts in Weston Park & an acoustic session at the Prince of Wales Folk Club. They wrote their own rock opera "Punch & Judy" which they played at the Sheffield University Drama Studio on Glossop Road in January 1972. It's hard to describe their music, you had to be there! (to believe it) I found this picture on the web a few days ago of them at an Open Air Cocert in Weston Park but I can't remember where & I can't find it again so I can't acknowledge the source, sorry.
  25. Used to go here every other Friday to see McCluskey's Apocalypse in the early 1970s. Got to drink more drinks here that I'd never had before, as the bar was next to the stage. The the bar staff couldn't hear what your order was or hear when you told them you'd got the wrong drink. eg First time I drunk Whisky Mac I'd ordered Whisky & Dry Ginger but I got to like it! :)