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  1. Thanks for the picture Sando, I have both girls and boys on the 1901 census pages for Lucy and George, do you know if it was just boys before or after 1901. Also, the only address given on the pages is Lydgate Lane, how far along Lydgate lane was it, any idea what number please ? Thanks,
  2. Hi, Can anyone give me more info about an Orphanage in Lydgate Lane please. I have it mentioned on the 1901 Census where Geroge Frederick Hanson (b.1892) and his sister Lucy Mabel Hanson (b.1893) were living after their father had died. What is it's location in conection to No 6 Lydgate Lane where the children's mother had lived as a girl in 1871 please ?
  3. In my family tree research for the siblings of my Great great Grandad in Sheffield I have come across both John Edward Battersby (b.1860) and the address of 77 Franklin Street. John was listed as living at 77 Franklin Street on the 1891 and 1901 censuses with his wife Frances and two children, Ethel May Battersby(b.1893) and Frank Edward Battersby (b.1901). I later found Ethel Marjorie Battersby (1890 - 1891) on John Edward's gravestone. Between 1911 and 1925 John and family seem to have moved to 37 Barkers Road, no occupation is given for him on the directories for these years so I'm guessing he's retired. However, John's sister Florence Knight (nee Battersby), widowed in 1909, is listed at 77 Franklin Street as a Grocer from 1911 - 1925. She had a son, Arthur Maurice Knight (b.1906). I recently visited Sheffield but since Franklin Street was closed and demolished in 1869, was unable to see the shop location. Can anyone help with any old photos which would show the shop please ?
  4. Hi, My first post so fingers crossed it works... I have been researching a family living at 77 Franklin Street on the 1891 census, also on the Whites and Kelly's Directories of 1911 to 1925 but couldn't find the street on today's maps. I e-mailed the Sheffield Council and asked where the street had gone. They sent me a picture of a compute screen (probably one I shouldn't be seeing) where it showed the full closure of Franklin Street for the Lansdowne redevelopement. The date it gave for the closure was 03/11/1969. I was also looking at 22 Mount Pleasant Road in 1891. It appears only half of just one side was closed, but I was unable to get a date for this. Also 21 Horner Road, an address from the 1881 census. Part of Horner Road (from 22yds west to 157yds west of Abbeydale Road was closed on 17/11/1981.