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  1. Any info on the above would be appreciated. They were based at 51-57 Division St, Murray Works, and in business from 1889 - 1923. Cheers.
  2. Parker's Lane car park, which is on the corner of Whitham Rd and Parker's Lane, to the right of the Nottingham House pub, also has an area of grass with mini stone terracing for sitting on (I presume). There are also garden gateposts (see pic) with fairly recent railings with inlays which have various items embedded such as open razor, fork etc. Does anyone have any info on all or parts of this site ? If the gates led to a house it would be approximately numbered between 160-140 Whitham Rd. Cheers.
  3. The Sheffield Corporation Electric Supply Department Not saying these photos are connected with the above mystery but thought I'd upload them as I only saw them for the first time yesterday ! Corner of Napier St and Somerfield St.
  4. Not quite blank, it had faint "engraving" presumably from stamping the wet concrete with dies with some initials, presumably the company name.
  5. Again I'm no expert on bomb/anderson shelters but we had a concrete cover like that in one of our gardens (not shffield) and it was the property of the water board, as was !
  6. Not an expert on this subject but I think there was a move away from using cellars as, easy though they were to re-inforce, if the house collapsed on top of them there was no means of escape.