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  1. i remember seeing this in a tv programme but cant remember where
  2. very sad news just been reading about him and it says he was born in pitsmoor does anyone know where abouts and what school he attended.
  3. Hello there going to start tracing my family and because most of my time is took up with work was wondering whether or not i can do it online for free
  4. The majority of the team definately look pakistani/indian origin to me
  5. Bernards chippy on Andover Street (the little white cottage) now turned back into a house used to be lovely.
  6. yeah your spot on with that discription theres a few wavy roofed houses there on the right now
  7. Hi im writing this on behalf of a friend he lives around fraiser close woodseats and was wondering what was built here before the houses. Any inf would be greatly appreciated thanx.
  8. the high rise flats at the top of pitsmoor were knocked down around late 80s
  9. yeah i reckon 50s myself i noticed the highway ph wasnt on ive had many a good nights in there but thats history
  10. Just thought you would like to see the picture of woodside being built dont know what year it was but it dosent look anything like it now , you can also see stanleys parkwood and other surrouning areas, does any one know what year this was taken.
  11. yes its still there ive worked in those moorfield flats plenty of times.