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  1. tozzin

    Paternoster Row and Sidney Street

    I worked in the Fel Electric building after they moved out, was there a fire? I had the upper floor with the sliding doors onto Sidney Street, it was a Bolstering shop.
  2. tozzin

    sheffield desk ornament

    A pen holder?
  3. Couldn't it just be a coin that was found somewhere and it was kept by the finder and during it's travels was lost again either in or under the Cock.
  4. tozzin

    Banner Name

    Has anyone else notice the Sheffield coat of arms that's proudly emblazoned on the Lancaster that's , weather permitting, flying over the Derwent dam today. I just saw the coat of arms on the plane just now on the BBC BREAKFAST NEWS.
  5. tozzin

    Banner Name

    The colours are brilliant so so much better than before.
  6. I'm not sure if this bit of info is true but I read sometime ago that the doorway and shop front of the Iris was bought and sent to America.
  7. tozzin

    Moorfoot in Sheffield City Centre

    The flow of traffic down the Moor prior to the horrible changes was ok, not everyone is a lover of pedestrianisation and I'm one of them.
  8. tozzin

    Gravestones used as pavements

    I once researched the two brothers who's headstone lies at the side of the Cathedral,very sad life of their father a tailor and the mother who could not read or write.
  9. tozzin

    Banner Name

    Brilliant banner change, it's much more in keeping with the idea behind Sheffield History, the terrible grey before was depressing to say the least. Bravo!
  10. tozzin

    Raphael Henry Parker

    Is it from the quarry on Psalter Lane?
  11. I have always preferred the old Peace Gardens to what we have now, they were much bigger and the formal beds were a joy but now it's turned into a an outdoor eating area and playground for children, the older end of which I'm one like to sit and read, listen to the birds and talk of things that have gone.
  12. I've been trying to find any information on this Artist, he lived on Park Lane Broomhall in 1879 and other than this bit of info and a directory mention, he's proving very elusive, any info would be of a great help. Raphael Hyde Parker, was the drawing master at Wesley College while still in his teens, and exhibited at the Society of British Artists and the Royal Academy. Following his move to London, Parker remarried. He continued to exhibit his work, but struggled to make a living, and died in poverty at his home – 1 Blenheim Villas, Goldhawk Road, Shepherd’s Bush – on 9 November 1873.
  13. tozzin

    Gravestones used as pavements

    If you look at Victorian etchings or photos of the Cathedral you can see that the headstones seem to have been always laid flat, but the Victorians laid paths among them and nobody walked on the stones BUT I think it's a case of showing a total lack of respect for the people who's names are on the headstones, to use them as paving slabs is shameful. The finest churchyard I've ever been in is Greyfriars in Edinburgh.
  14. If I take photos of a particular building and street signs, street lights, traffic lights and even Sky dishes are spoiling the picture when I put them on my computer I use the clone option to remove them. I did an article on Carbrook Hall last year and the amount of wires, tv antennae and the horrible sky dish just spoilt a great photo so I took them all out. I'm sure that most of the street furniture is just overkill so to speak.
  15. tozzin

    Unable to log in

    Just had this email and I've been asked to forward it. Hi Tozzin Are you able to log in on the Sheffield History site as I can't seem to, it just won't recognise me anymore. I have a feeling it's not just me as one or two have said they can'tt log in but how they manage to get their comment printed I'll never know. Yours is the only email address I know so could you please let the man in charge know, it seems like every time he makes some change then something else goes wrong. He altered our logo to put the Sheffield coat of arms on and I've not been able to get on the site since then. Thanks, Ukelele Lady.