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  1. The name stainless steel only claims it will not stain, if a knife blade rusts on areas of the blade is because it's been scorched during the grinding process, the scorching alters the metals molecular structure. When I was working a coolant was added to the water used in the grinding process. When used in the home these badly ground blades will rust quicker on the scorched areas when salt is used during a meal, the rust spots cannot be removed ever.
  2. Look and see what's on the far back wall, a violin, their trademark as large as life.
  3. That's the one alright, my Dun Street idea was totally wrong but now with this proof I can alter my files. Thanks boginspro.
  4. I was recently in receipt of these photos, two are of pubs, The Woolsack Inn on Upper Allen Street and the Queens Hotel sadly I don't know the exact location but I think it may have been on Dun Street, No 37, the other photograph is of a beer off shop on Flora Street just off Infirmary Road.
  5. Couldn't have explained this any better, spot on.
  6. I searched through directories to find the information and I don't think it's online, I'll see if I have saved it. I can't believe that the horrible graffiti has been allowed to creep onto the quote in question, how anyone can consider it art is beyond me.
  7. I did a piece on this very subject for the Star , I found just where the scribe lived and what his job was, took me around an hour.
  8. I do know that he used the same barber for years and never ever mentioned anything about Mi Amigo while getting his hair cut and why hasn't any other person who was in Endcliffe Park on that terrible day ever come forward?
  9. I've been given a booklet on "Tramway Evolution" its interesting but I'm not really into trams and the tram rails so if anyone would like it they can have it just get in touch.
  10. I still can't understand the name Supertram, it's just a Tram, nothing more , nothing less.
  11. From 1893 to 1895 Jarvis Milner held the licence of the Green Man at No 23 Broad Street.
  12. The English Sampson was open in 1849 as a Beerhouse the entry is from the 1849 directory. Hudson John, beerhouse, English Sampson, 1 Duke street, Park
  13. Eckington boundary used to go to White Lane and Handsworth was up to Hurlfield Road. Maybe a link.
  14. There's a lot of info on the first Iron Bridge in Coalbrook Dale but this little bridge was only built a few years after so it should have more recognition for its place in history BUT like Mary Queen of Scots time in Sheffield it's never ever mentioned. Sadly the original bridge was destroyed by the bursting of the Dale Dyke Dam or so I've been led to believe.
  15. As far as I'm aware the "E" was dropped because it was deemed that "WOSTENHOLME" was to long for marking certain products.