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  1. tozzin

    Old Date Stone

    I don't think they had water mains in 1691!!
  2. tozzin

    These look inactive

    I can't wait.
  3. tozzin

    East Bank Road

    East Bank Road: 1911 EAST BANK ROAD. 41 Tufnell James, coachman 41 Wilson John Wycliffe J.P. 77 Agar Richard, gardener to S. Roberts esq. M.P. 79 Cavill Robert, butler 81 Henstock Joseph, Jnr. saw maker Blyde J. E. Alger F.c.s. steel manufacturer (Eastcliffe) 87 Overall William, coachman 87 Cole Mrs ============================ 1905 EAST BANK ROAD. (Norfolk Park road.) 41 Wilson John Wycliffe esq. J.P. gold refiner 79 Cahill Robert, butler 87 Cole Mrs Wheatley Edgar H. director .. .. .. .. .. .. Road to Heeley .......... .. PILLAR LETTER BOX 40 Constantine Joseph, superintendent OLIVE GROVE ROAD 82 Faulkner Isaac, merchant tailor 84 Wilson Talbot E. B. gold refiner 86 White Henry, drayman Eadon Mrs Helen Simpson =========================== 1901 EAST :BANK ROAD. 41 Wilson John Wycliffe esq. J.P. .87 Cole Thomas, draper (Cole Brothers) Acton Major Thomas H. E. government inspector of steel ====================================== 1897 EAST BANK ROAD Duchess Road to Heeley Bank North East Side PILLAR LETTER BOX Trickett Frederick Woollen, Knowle House Cole Thomas, Park Spring House Wilson John Wycliffe, East Cliffe House Handley Captain Arthur, Mid Hill Crookes Charles, East Cliff Dunn Frederick Charles, Farmer SOUTH WEST SIDE Ward Frederick, Park House Turner Thomas Allen William, East Bank Cottage Eadon Mrs, Mandrake House ========================= 1879 EAST :BANK ROAD. (Farm road.) Crookes Charles (manufacturer) Ward Frederick (American merchant) OLIVE GROVE ROAD Turner Thomas (cutlery manufacturer) Cawton Mrs Ellen Wilson John W. (gold & silver refiner.) Hadfield Matthew E. (architect) Pye-Smith John William (solicitor) Hudson Mr Edward Colley Mrs Mary Eaton John (pawnbroker ===================================== East Bank Road 1897 the smoking chimney was the small cottage ? that stood behind the Mid Hill Club.
  4. At one time you had to be married to get a council house, now schoolgirls who get an early retirement present, a baby, they are hardly able to look after themselves never mind a baby and as for looking after a house that's something else. I've seen girls have a baby and twenty years on still not working, so her family see the money she gets so they think " why should we work"
  5. I don't think this is really a history thread BUT quite a good number of council tenants do not deserve the properties they get, curtains are never drawn back, windows are never cleaned and the children are just feral, creating damage and trouble on a daily basis.
  6. tozzin

    Silver fruit knife

    Hope this helps you:
  7. The little house logo, > sheffield history> etc, because of the pale grey colour they may deceive people into thinking that they are not active. You did a great job with the banner name so would it be possible to put a bit of colour in all the grey areas?
  8. tozzin

    Fitzalan Square 21/07/2108

    Ive been in touch with Amey asking them if any original Tram stop stones are going to be retained and not taken by a manager for his own use as happened when a wall was partially demolished and old coping stones were removed for someone's personal use when the junction of Blackstock Road and Gleadless Road was altered.
  9. tozzin

    Two blade penknife.

    The historical society are fighting a losing battle, the council has just consented to an old cutlery being knocked down to build flats, that's all that gets built flats for students, they could have retained the outer fabric of the firm and some of it's internal features. If you look on Google Earth and put either of these roads in , Sidney Street, Arundel Street, Mary Street, Sylvester Street, Carver Street these streets and many more up to West Street this was the hub of cutlery making in the 19th century . if you look up Sidney Street, you will find a large car park at the junction of Matilda St, firstly the car park is where George Butlers stood prior to demolition, on the corner of Matilda Street stood a blade forge of Jessop & Smiths, they ceased making blades a few years ago but the building has been saved and is now flats and offices. Our council are not concerned about the history of Sheffield.
  10. tozzin

    Two blade penknife.

    Please try and come before this council rubber stamp the destruction of all our old cutlery factories.
  11. tozzin

    Two blade penknife.

    If you look at the second scanned page I posted look at the top end of the banner that runs across the advert, look and behold it reads " Sylvester & Co" penknife query is now answered.
  12. tozzin

    Arbourthorne Schools

    Isn't it great to see children dressed as children and not as young adults as they are today, the girls wearing crop tops and showing just to much for a child and the boys wearing the horrible baseball cap and hoods. The girls of today are dressed as though they are teenagers and some of the boys look quite menacing in their hoods along with a scarf over most of their faces. This photo is what children should be, just children.
  13. tozzin

    Two blade penknife.

    Perhaps this is helpful to you, the building is still standing and was renovated a few years ago its now either flats or offices. I think the Sylvester mark was just used after their Sylvester Works. The missing final sentence is as follows" Mark of George Woodhead & Sons. A silver mark was registered in 1907. An Ellin genealogy was published by Skevington in 1916"
  14. I do remember our next door neighbour on the Manor going to St Theresa's school hall once or twice a week to a whist drive and or a beetle drive, I never understood it.
  15. tozzin

    Two blade penknife.

    I haven't heard of Sylvester or found anything about them, the scales are grained Xylo so I would put it as being made after the 1920s, other than that I can't find anything about Mr Sylvester.