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  1. In the late 1800s Redgates we’re making prams in the Fitzalan Square / Bakers Hill area.
  2. Well SteveHB that’s several more pieces of my jigsaw, perhaps someone knows something about William Henry Booth.
  3. First piece of the jigsaw in place, thanks.
  4. I`m trying to locate Mellwood Cottage on Kenwood Road, seems its lost its name or its been demolished through time, in 1879 Sheffield? Surgeon Mr William Henry Booth was living there, by 1893 he was living at 24 Wilkinson Street, it was at this address where he died on the 12th of March 1900. Prior to Wilkinson Street he had a couple of other addresses ; 1845 Booth William Henry, surgeon, 103 Westbar 1852 Booth Wm. Henry, surgeon, 20 Paradise square 1856 Booth Wm. Henry, surgeon, 20 Paradise square 1862 Booth Wm. Henry, surgeon, 20 Paradise sq 1879 Booth William Henry, M.R.C.S., L.S.A. surgeon, 18 St. James street; h MeIlwood cottage, Kenwood road as usual any kind of information would assist me.
  5. Oh if I was thirty years old, I visited the works in around 1962 / 63.
  6. I went into Bernards firm to visit a mate, it’s was like walking into a Victorian scenario but then again most cutlery firms were like that, they were very reluctant to invest in modern machinery. In the trade Bernards was pronounced “ Ber - nards” , don’t know why but it was.
  7. There’s a house on Collegiate Crescent that has a hole in its living room window, nothing to do with a rouge German gunner I’m afraid, the owner of the house told me it was a bullet hole when I was photographing her property, she invited me in to see it but I thought it looked like an air gun pellet had done the damage but I didn’t tell the lady as she seemed to be fond of it.
  8. I would have thought it’s a natural spring, there’s quite a number where I live.
  9. 1825 Directory Robinson Thomas, watch and clock maker, jeweller, &c.28 High st. 1833 Directory Robinson Thos. watchmaker and jeweller, 28, High street 1849 Directory Robinson Thomas, watchmaker and jeweller, 3 High street 1852 Directory Robinson Thomas, jeweller and watchmaker, 3 High street / FATHER Robinson Thomas, jun. jeweller and watchmaker, 22 Angel street /EITHER RICHARDS UNCLE OR BROTHER 1862 Directory High Street. 1 Pawson and Brailsford,booksellers 5 Robinson Richard., jeweller 7 Sanderson Samuel, hatter 9 Tinker John, bootmaker 11 Waller William, butcher 13 Horn by Edwin. P.,chemist 15 Woolley Jas. ,tobacconist HAWKSWORTH'S COURT. 1879 Directory 1 Pawson & Brailsford, printers, &c 3 Bagshawe Benjamin, jun. solicitor 3 Robinson Richard, watchmaker and jeweller 5 Stacey William Turton, pianoforte and harmonium dealer York street 9 Tomlinson John, furnishing ironmonger 11 Nicholson Thomas, linen draper 13 Gilbey W. & A. wine importers; H. Brown & Co. agents 13 Brown H. & Co. ale & porter merchants 13A Dransfield & Sons, solicitors, Castle chambers Wilby & Dransfield, auctioneers, &c. do 13,A. Staniforth&Ball, sharebrokers, do 13B Stacey William R. solicitor, do Loxtan Thomas Gatley, architect, &c. do 15 Johns Stephen, hosier, glover, &c 1901 Directory Robinson Moss, jeweller;· h. 12 Onslow road COULDN'T SAY FOR SURE IF THIS CHAP IS RELATED. DEATH OF THOMAS ROBINSON ROBINSON Thomas of High Street 17 Jun 1860
  10. All information here is grateful received.
  11. Seems my assumption about Pea Croft was completely wrong., thanks Edmund.
  12. I’m trying to find more information on William Wigfall Sheffield brush manufacturer, one of his works was at 137 Arundel Street in the 1850s he also lived in Paradise Square, he was also an occupant of Columbia Place on Suffolk Road, the premises on Arundel Street were used by Laycocks who eventually became a world renown manufacturer of railway carriages among other things BUT they started out producing hair stuffing for chairs. I know that William Wigfall lived in Pea Croft during the 1841 census with his wife Maria, other than that I can’t find any information on other family members or when he was born and died, any info would be a help.
  13. I only said “ I thought it was Landsdown Road “ not that is was but I didn’t know Boston Street crossed London Road.
  14. The b&w photo shows the original route of Cemetery Road on the right of the old bank and the other photo is what we have after Cemetery Road was re-routed, I think it was originally called Landsdown Road and the Landsdown pub stood on the corner.