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  1. 17th century cottages swept away sometime in the past, the old photo looks like the late 1890s, the brickworks chimney of John Gregory and son at the bottom of the road on Ecclesall Road, the shop on the corner of Blair Athol road is still there but now it's a Chip Shop.
  2. The Goodwin Fountain

    I recall all the litter that accumulated in it and the students pouring washing up liquid in it. It was a nice feature but someone always has to spoil things.
  3. That's my photo of the Police Station, as is the story straight from the Stars Saturday Retro supplement which I write every week.
  4. I don't know if this is of any help to you. 1862 Directory Carlisle Street. (CARLISLE STREET EAST DOESNT SEEM TO HAVE BEEN IN EXSISTENCE ) Bingley James, joiner Rodley J oseph, builder Illingworth Samuel, builder Smith Samuel, corn miller Brookes Wm. & Sons, mnfrs Wilson, Hawksworth, Ellison,and Co., steel works Bessemer Henry and Co., steel manufacturers 3 Clarke George, tailor 49 Stoakes Robert, victualler, Locomotive Inn 51 Morton Job, shopkeeper 57 Mawkes Wm., scrap dealer 65 Parramore Geo., butcher U7 Woollen Math., beerhs 69 Roberts John, shopkeeper 77 Latham Thos.,furniture broker 87 Hewson Wm., shoemaker 89 Morris Thos., hairdresser 99 Potts John, shopkeeper 111 Ward Timothy, grocer 115 Fox Benjamin, shopkeeper 167 Rushby Sarah,dressmaker 179 Unwin John, victualler,Norfolk Arms THE FOLLOWING PROPERTIES HAVE NO NUMBERS Shepherd George, brazier Finch Ellen, dressmaker Carr Benjamin, builder McKinnel Willium, shopr Fox Josepb, shopkeeper Tetley Mary Ann, milliner Lyons James, beer house Brown John B., victualler, Rifle Corps Martin Henry, beerhouse Johnson John, builder Lockwood Thos. J.,butcher Turner John, shopkeeper ================================ 1879 Directory CARLISLE ROAD, N. G. (Carlisle street East.) 41 Lee Honry, beerhouse Sharp street 2 Pearson Mr Samuel 43 Roadley Daniel, grocer Botham street 63 Mulligan J no. picture frame maker 65 Wilson George, engine driver 69 Eppingstall Thomas, greengrocer 70 Leadhall Miss Jane, dressmaker 73 Marriott Alfred, shopkeeper 77 Hartley Thomas, (junior) steel melter 85 Peel William A. pawnbroker Hunsley street 87 Hobson Joseph, hardware dealer 89 White James, greengrocer 93 Robinson Charles, engine tenter 97 Downend John, engine tenter 99 Williamson Frederick, joiner 101 Sharp Joseph, engine driver 103 Frith George, draper 105 Flint Mrs Mary, milk seller 109 Gelder George, fishmonger 115 Marsden Harry, baker, &c. 115 Hibberd William, carter 117 Richardson John, spring fitter 119 Street Dixon, foreman 121 Brady William, engine tenter 123 Simmonds Joseph, spring fitter 129 Stanton Joseph. commission agent 131 Hill George, foreman 133 Holton John H. chemist Moss street 135 Brown Francis, porkbutcher 141 LeeWilliam, greengrocer . 143 Oldroyd Richd. picture frame mkr 145 Airey Robert, boot & shoe maker 147 Gardner George, tobacconist 149 Pickesley Edward, grocer Bland street 80 Beverley Thomas, grocer 86 Jones Henry William. Hammer man 88 Cotton Levi, boot & shoe maker 90 Buffy Samuel, shopkeeper 92 Earnwell Henry, puddler 94 Eadon George, puddler 96 Barnett Thomas, shopkeeper 98 Wheeler George, draper, &c, 102 Oxley Hugh, greengrocer 104 Troth J oseph, butcher 106 Cook Henry, grocer Draper street 108-110 Proudler John, beerbouse 114 Smith John, newsagent 116 Dumont Alfred, boot & shoe mkr 118-120 SUB POST, MONEY ORDER OFFICE and SAVINGS BANK; Mrs Eliz. Hearnshaw,postmistress 118 & 120 Hearnshaw Mrs Elizabeth, draper & sub-postmistress Clevedon. street 122 & 12G Gratton Reuben, grocer 132 Salmon Edward, fitter 134 Roebuck :Mrs Catherine, lodgings 136 Tyas Joseph J. hairdresser 138 Hollflyhead Juo. sewing machine maker 140 Holleyhead Armel, engine tenter 146 Hinchliffe George, victualler
  5. Gentlemen's Convenience

    Please don't sink to Sheffield Forum level, or I'll have to pull the flush on this thread!
  6. I noticed this morning that the old Gents Toilet on Blonk Street is finally getting a new lease of life by being turned into a Café, it's getting an extension over the river.
  7. Quite right and I seem to remember in the fifties that to the right of the building as a small garage or is my memory failing me?
  8. Where was this photo taken?

    Never knew it was on picture sheffield.
  9. Beggar outside Stewart & Stewart corner of Pinstone Street and Cross Burgess Street , seems this unfortunate dressed slightly better than todays beggars.
  10. Have any of you keen members have an idea where this photo was taken?
  11. Pedestrians and Traffic 1950

    Has anyone noticed how the shoes of the pedestrians are nearly all highly polished, men's, women's and children's? It does show the shell of Marples but I cannot remember the name of the store on the corner of High Street and Marketplace, was it Burtons? I much prefer the railings round the then parish church of St Peter and St Paul to what we have today.
  12. Does anyone know what these are?

    I personally think the name " Check" came about because they resembled the metal checks that miners in the area used for going down the pit.
  13. Sorry to be pedantic but it was " Alsop" no apostrophe " S "
  14. Colorised photo of Sheffield

    The church is now a performing arts theatre, I'm sure the church is more or less opposite the top of Wilkinson St.
  15. Colorised photo of Sheffield

    Nice view of Glossop Road, not to much traffic.