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  1. This is how Leopold Street used to look

    The Jewelers was H L Browns, I bought my wife's wedding ring there.
  2. The Crimea Monument

    The remnants of the supporting column for the statue of peace which are now at Upperthorpe.The Griffins outside the old House of Frazer were made from moulds of the originals that adorned the monument. The drinking fountain is lost as is most of the other stone work, the cannons were probably scrapped, as far as I know it was built by public subscription so the council at the time had no right to remove it without any consultation with the people of Sheffield. What is left should be gathered together and put it in Fargate.
  3. Firth Brearley help required

    The " Stainless " & the " Firth Stainless " etch marks were just called a neutral mark and in many cases it was only put on the products where the customer had specified it.
  4. Firth Brearley help required

    Firth Brearley was used just like Firth Stainless was in the sixties, I suspect the Brearley name was dropped in favour of "Firth". The name was etched on blades by many companies, I suppose it was just a selling point, I myself worked at a firm that used the Firth Stainless mark because customers asked for it even though George Butler was a much more upmarket name.
  5. Firth Brearley help required

    Grained Zylo handle with a Egg Waterloo bolster, I would think 1950s or 1960s, it's not very old but the serration is deep and very good, probably hand done.
  6. On the end of Leadmill Road

    IT got the name Dodges because the tram and bus workers used to " Dodge" in for a pint before or after their late shifts, nothing to do with a landlord named Dodge plus it was a beer only house.
  7. Jew Lane (Fitzalan Sq)

    The lane in question was much more steep to what it is today, so it's possible that anyone using or riding horses could have ridden just a bit faster to get up the hill, Jehu Lane, the name ceased to be sometime after 1825.
  8. Jew Lane (Fitzalan Sq)

    I still think my explanation of Jehu is correct irrespective of when it was used, the Jew name I think would not have been corrupted to Jehu as many people gave the Jews bad press so to speak.
  9. Jew Lane (Fitzalan Sq)

    The Jehu Lane name came straight from the bible, Jehu was a king of Israel and he was renowned for driving chariots at a very fast pace, the cab and coach drivers of Sheffield had to get a reasonable pace going to ascend the steep hill leading to the direction of the square and Commercial Street and as the people of the time had a great knowledge of the events and people in the bible, so seeing cab and carriage drivers driving recklessly up the hill the term " driving like Jehu" was soon transferred to the steep road. Nothing to do with Jews or a corruption of the word Jew.
  10. Sheffield in the 1960's

    I do get a certain amount of info about Sheffield from the internet archive website, it's surprising how much Sheffield related documents are in the hands of American and Canadian universities.
  11. Sheffield in the 1960's

    I can't wait for new books on or about Sheffield, at the moment I have 320 odd about the city.
  12. I seem to remember that it had yellow tiles with orange banding running through them and below the Prince of Wales name.
  13. Laundry

    In 1849 John Rodgers son of cutlery manufacturer Joseph Rodgers built Abbeydale House for himself and his family, so sad to see such a great house sink to its present state.
  14. As you can see here some residents don't have a house number. Andover Street. 1856 Directory ( Burngreave terrace, ) 2 Carr Richard, butcher 2 Hill James, miller 6 Wilson Edward, clerk 8 Lindley W. butcher 10 Siddall Frederick 12 Turnbull Thomas 14 Botterill William 16 Lee Miss Eliza. 16 Button W. H. 18 Oxley George, solicitor 20 Worster J. chaser 22 Crockett Robt. manufacturer 24 L'Allemand George 26 Codlington W. jun. 28 Sawyer William Fretwell John, clerk Tyler John, manufacturer New Stephen, printer Wilde Henry, clerk 38 Wright G. founder 40 Mannder R. hair dresser 42 Jessop Josepb, clerk Unwin Mr John Finder John, clerk Travis Miss Sarah White Robert, slater Goodall Wm. A Short Wm. agent Lough Anthony Whitehead Mrs Mary Gee Mrs Ann Higginbotham Mrs H. and Geo. & Wm. manufacturers Hallam Samuel, manufacturer Sykes Geo. registrar Stuart Charles (j) Nicholson Henry (j) Creswick Edward U) Blackwell Thomas U) Pollard John
  15. Help with heritage project

    East Parade, what was Pawson and Brailsfords stationers and printers.