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  1. Sorry, but I waited to see if there was any interest, I ended up giving it to my nephew who was very pleased to get it, sorry.
  2. I can vividly remember the Air Raid Siren being tested every month I think it was, in the 1950s just can't recall when the testing ended, the siren was placed on the Arbourthorne school on Craddock Road and with me living down on the Manor it was clearly heard especially when the wind was blowing down from the Arbourthorne . During my pre-school years I attended the nursery just at the bottom corner of the school fields, just at the rear of the garage that was there.
  3. Why are these adverts on the post left long after they have been and gone.
  4. Isn't it showing the junction of Glossop Road and Clarkehouse Road ? Isnt the old home of Francis Newton Broombank, still standing and now a pub / restaurant named after him.
  5. Albert, Foresters, Prince of Wales, Raven, Beehive, Mailcoach , great times.
  6. This is just a paragraph from my article on Mr and Mrs Grafton who had an oyster dealers shop next to the Foresters. The shop is still there but the exterior has changed dramatically for the worse I may add, next door is the Foresters Hotel, this once fantastic old pub has been ruined by the modern look it now has, God knows how they obtained planning permission to destroy the 191 year old outside look of the pub, just criminal, this old pub was opened in 1828, it was opened just four years when the Cholera epidemic was raging in Sheffield, I like many others can remember what the outside looked like and it did look old but now I would just walk past without a second glance, anyway I nearly went off on one then, a few years ago I read a report in the star about some kind of work was underway in the Foresters (nothing to do with chopping trees down, it was a friendly society with lodges worldwide) one day a wall was taken down and the room or large void behind it was crammed full of oyster shells discarded by the owners of the oyster shop next door, they must have had a large enough opening in their adjoining wall to just put shells through without having the bother of disposing of them else where.
  7. I recently went to photograph the Foresters Hotel on Division Street and I couldn't believe my eyes on how it's been changed out of all recognition, I think it was open in c1893 so it's getting on for two hundred years old, just how could the council planning committee allow the drastic change of the outside of the pub, just sheer vandalism.
  8. The new photos contain around sixty of my efforts.
  9. Family deaths: PASS Martha 4 May 1845 50 Sheffield, Bailey Lane widow St Peter PASS George 20 Feb 1849 infant Sheffield, Bailey Lane son of Charles (grinder) St Peter PASS Martha 22 Feb 1835 infant Sheffield, Bailey Lane daughter of Joseph (grinder) St Peter PASS Sarah 21 Jan 1838 1 year old or one day old Sheffield, Bailey Ln daughter of Joseph (grinder) St Peter PASS Mary 14 Sep 1842 infant Sheffield, Bailey Lane daughter of John St Peter PASS Margaret 14 Jul 1844 29 Sheffield, Bailey Lane widow of Joseph (grinder) St Peter I think George Hunter was The grandson of Martha Pass. Relatives of Ernest and Ann Hunter HUNTER Joseph 20 Sep 1835 infant Sheffield, Bailey Lane so Ernest (cutler) St Peter HUNTER George 14 Jul 1854 17 Sheffield, Bailey Lane so Ernest (cutler) St Peter HUNTER Samuel 10 Sep 1852 1 Sheffield, Bailey Lane so Ernest (cutler) St Peter In 1856 Ernest Hunter was now a shopkeeper at 32 Bailey Lane he was still there in 1862 but by 1879 Frederick.Dixon listed as shop & beer retailer had bought the shop.
  10. I was always under the impression that this game was usually a village pastime and not generally played in towns, I may be wrong and perhaps someone may put me right on this.
  11. No wonder I couldn't find it, I spelt Lady's bridge different I know but that's how it was spelt in a directory. I like using original spellings.
  12. I've just written an article on William & Lydia Vance, who lived on Clarkehouse Road in 1879, I was given great help from Edmund on this subject, anyway in the information he sent me, it mentions Andrew Ingelson who I quote"He was also the owner of the California Tap public House near Ladies Bridge, though probably not the licensee. Andrew died on 28th May 1854 at Nelson Place leaving quite a fortune - possibly £9,000. His daughter Mary (dob 25th Jan 1813) on 4th February 1836 married James Butler, a merchant". I cant find any mention of this pub anywhere, Andrew Ingelson was a tobacco manufacturer and sold cigars and tobacco from his shop at 21 Waingate.
  13. Thanks, I try to buy any book about Sheffield, at the moment the total is around 360.
  14. Feel free to use it. Will you let me know when your book will be on sale?