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  1. tozzin

    Hartshead Square

    History is already in place,true memories do lead to history but Id rather chat about past history not recent history.
  2. tozzin

    Hartshead Square

    Hartshead Square is a new innovation, for some reason the council calls new areas " Squares" this particular one has only been in existence for around fifteen years or so and that isn't a historic area as Hartshead is. Even that name has been made into one word when it was originally two. Some of the threads started on here aren't really what you could call history, in fact quite a few are living memory.
  3. In the fifties there wasn't any kind of ravine from Pit Lane until just before St Theresa's which then carried on down to Hastilar Road South and beyond, I played on what was known as pit hill and I rember the pond that formed at its base. St Theresa's didn't have a playing field in the early fifties, we had to use the Zion Ground ? down near Boden Homestead Woods,
  4. What a magical place that was, I went to St Theresa's school and I loved that place, I can't ever remember if it was ever vandalised, I spent hours playing in the Ravine, making dams across the Carr Brook that ran through it. I lived on Harborough Avenue until I was twenty one and I couldn't believe how the council ended up being the vandals by filling it in and removing every trace of wildlife that used this habitat year after year. Now it's footprint is just a boring empty space.
  5. tozzin

    Mystery Location Postcard on Ebay.

    I have several from this company, this one may be on Picture Sheffield .
  6. That word isn't mine, it's being used by most of the media at the moment, I should have used the word Remembered .
  7. While researching for an article, I came across this photo of wounded Belgium soldiers entering the Base Hospital on Collegiate Crescent, on looking at the photo I noticed stiff brushes protruding near the wheels, presumably to brush off mud and other stuff. The roads must have been a dire state to fit these brushes. The photos show a then and now scenario.
  8. tozzin

    Sculptured image

    King George plinth in the square.
  9. tozzin

    English, circa 1895

    The pearl scales showing Bavarian hunting scenes, were carved by the best pearl carver in Sheffield Charles Levesley for which he was paid a whopping £900, over £5,000 in today's money but look at the workmanship.
  10. tozzin

    BBC2 - Made in Great Britain

    Corin Mellor is NOT a cutler, he designs things, a Cutler is man who shapes to be handles out of Stag, Wood, horn etc. and fits them to knives. His father and himself brought an Italian collapesable drinks table onto the shop floor one day, it was dis-mantled with the hope they could improve the design, they couldn't , the only thing they altered was the handles on each end of the table, I polished the prototypes, David Mellor was happy with these new handles and from that day on it was sold as a Mellor designed drinks table, the poor bloke who fully designed it was gone in the wind. David Mellor, like his son wasn't a cutler, he designed cutlery and had other people make it, any cutlery worker of any experience would laugh at the way they made cutlery at the Hathersage factory, it was archaic, inefficient and costly in production. No coatings were ever made on the production of cutlery, one man could produce say, 100 knives per week making them cost at least £5 each to produce, while I could produce 950 per week, that's shows the experience of their workers. Please don't call it a state of the art factory, there were no health and safety procedures, museum piece polishing machines had broken safety bars, which when hit should have cut off power if the operator touched the bar, they were death traps,useless dust extractors, I had safety knock off switches fitted to double end spindles while the other workers, four in all, were to scared to approach David Mellor on safety issues. He stole a design from a Danish female student who produced a prototype in the few weeks she worked there, when she returned home after a few months she asked if she could come back to Hathersage but was told it wasn't convenient, the real reason her design was in production and named "Paris" I polished her copper prototypes, she was call Katterina.
  11. tozzin

    Gift knives

    Adrian you really should buy Geoff Tweedale's Directory Of Sheffield Cutlery Manufacturers Vol 2, its sold by Lulu and it cost around £30, I'm hoping to get this latest edition for Crimbo, this book is absolute must for anyone interested in Sheffield cutlery, pen & pocket knives, razors etc.. Geoff sent me his first edition for assisting him with some research and strangely enough it was on the Western Works which Christopher Johnson produced his knives, I worked in the same works in the early sixties 1961-63 for a firm called John Donnelly, we produced carver forks, plus a whole range of round tang spoon and forks plus scale tang forks, no knives. Sadly the works was demolished and the cursed students flats were erected on its site.
  12. tozzin

    Dixon Lane in Sheffield City Centre

    It certainly was, it was in the basement.
  13. tozzin

    Heart of the City 2

    No matter what objection is raised, it's discounted, I suggested the new office block, that now stands at the bottom of Cambridge Street, should have been given a name relating to the area, Pinstone House, Bethel House, but it was named by the staff who are going to work there, many not from Sheffield.
  14. tozzin

    Will Hay

    This is the exact thing I read, thanks a million Edmund.
  15. tozzin

    Will Hay

    Im sure I once read that the 40s comedian Will Hay used to visit some friends in Sheffield at the height of his fame but despite searching the Internet I've had no success in finding anything about his visits. I've contacted the archivist at the Star but their archives are all at their offices in Dinnington but she told me that she is due to visit there this week and will have a look, if any of you experts out there have any information on Wills visits to Sheffield I will be much obliged.