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  1. tozzin

    Two blade penknife.

    Please try and come before this council rubber stamp the destruction of all our old cutlery factories.
  2. tozzin

    Two blade penknife.

    If you look at the second scanned page I posted look at the top end of the banner that runs across the advert, look and behold it reads " Sylvester & Co" penknife query is now answered.
  3. tozzin

    Arbourthorne Schools

    Isn't it great to see children dressed as children and not as young adults as they are today, the girls wearing crop tops and showing just to much for a child and the boys wearing the horrible baseball cap and hoods. The girls of today are dressed as though they are teenagers and some of the boys look quite menacing in their hoods along with a scarf over most of their faces. This photo is what children should be, just children.
  4. tozzin

    Two blade penknife.

    Perhaps this is helpful to you, the building is still standing and was renovated a few years ago its now either flats or offices. I think the Sylvester mark was just used after their Sylvester Works. The missing final sentence is as follows" Mark of George Woodhead & Sons. A silver mark was registered in 1907. An Ellin genealogy was published by Skevington in 1916"
  5. I do remember our next door neighbour on the Manor going to St Theresa's school hall once or twice a week to a whist drive and or a beetle drive, I never understood it.
  6. tozzin

    Two blade penknife.

    I haven't heard of Sylvester or found anything about them, the scales are grained Xylo so I would put it as being made after the 1920s, other than that I can't find anything about Mr Sylvester.
  7. tozzin

    Please feed the birds

    Unfortunately I don't see anymore birds, I don't have a garden only a small balcony but forty years ago it would be full of wild birds, Greenfinches, Blue Tits, Great Tits, Sparrows, Starlings, Robins etc. But then Magpies Moved into the area and the small birds numbers dropped to the point now where I only get probably four Blue Tits in a year and this is despite loads of food I put out for them. It's time the Magpies were culled, now Crows are everywhere after years of being a countryside bird as Magpies were. It didn't help the song birds when people started getting cats, not satisfied with one they have to have two or three.
  8. tozzin

    Does anyone have any old photos like this?

    Tweaked it a little, it doesn't look as cold now.
  9. tozzin

    G Butler folding knives

    George Butler became a quality producer of many types of knife in 1864 while working on Trinity Street at their Trinity works, in 1862 they moved to empty premises on Eyre Street, where Jury's Inn Hotel now stands, the key trademark was used in the same year, by 1952 they couldn't compete with the competition and were liquidated but in the same year Ron West of Leppingtons took over the George Butler marks and revived the old company, they were based at the Cutlass Works on Sidney Street. Now the knives, I do know they were not made in the sixties so I would plump for between 1949 & 1952 the newish one is after 1947 up to 1952. On looking at the scales they look like a man made material IF they had been made before the 1950s they would have had wood scales fitted. Butlers were not making these knives when I worked there in the early seventies.
  10. tozzin

    The Yorkshire Grey Pub

    IT is the Whitbread logo.
  11. tozzin


    I dont consider " long stand, tartan paint etc." as old sayings they're just silly jokes.
  12. tozzin

    The Yorkshire Grey Pub

    I thought it had a picture of a grey horse on the board.
  13. tozzin


    I thought this was a saying about buying old rope that was unpicked by workhouse inmates and convicts , the result was Oakum, these bits were used for caulking the decks of wooden ships. I would have thought that the family of hanged criminals didn't have " Two ha pennies to rub together" and to be reminded by a piece of rope that was used to hang a family member would only bring sadness.
  14. tozzin

    Memories of Peter Stringfellow

    I used to go to his and his brothers Black Cat Club at St Aidens Church Hall, magic!
  15. I have around twelve Whites Directories of Sheffield and I just looked through them.