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  1. tozzin

    Shiregreen Road/Lane

    Just tweaked it slightly. Not a motor vehicle in sight, perfect.
  2. tozzin

    James Lodge Ltd, Solly St

    This set of Fruit Spoons along with it's Server are now sadly a thing of the past, they are not and shouldn't be called Dessert Spoon set.
  3. tozzin

    Fairfield House

    I did know about Greenbank, now called Abbeydale House I believe.
  4. tozzin

    Fairfield House

    This is the 1894 map I mentioned, it gives the impression that Fair Field House was linked to Abbeydale House just next door. The plot is easily seen in between Victoria Road, Broomhall Road and Sunny Bank, quite a sizeable plot.
  5. tozzin

    Fairfield House

    Thanks for this Southside, I looked at the maps of the area and one map seems to show that Fairfield and Abbeydale House were either one house or there was no dividing line, hedge etc between them, looked like they were built on the same plot. I'll now research Mr Fairburn.
  6. I had a wander around Broomhall yesterday and I came across this large house on the corner of Victoria Road and Broomhall Road, in my 1876 directory it shows that the first house on Victoria Road is No 1 is Abbeyfield House Victoria Road and that sits next door so I have to assume the house address was Broomhall Road but its hard to pin down as I couldn't see any house number just the name FAIRFIELD HOUSE on the Victoria Road entrance. Just who had this grand house built?
  7. tozzin

    Carbrook Hall

    Why couldn't the Hall be taken apart and re-assembled in a more appropriate place, Meersbrook Park, Graves Park etc, the area where it's stands now is not the rural area it was, the steel works did bring wealth to the city but when the works closed it was the death knell for the Hall, plus the slum clearance of Attercliffe took away it's clientele. I hope Starbucks do it right but I just cannot see it being a success as there are just to many restaurants and coffee shops already in the area and there's only so much coffee a person can drink, personally I just cannot see the fascination of these expensive outlets.
  8. tozzin

    Butchers in the 1950s

    I remember Deer being hung up in the Castle Market, the fish market really.
  9. tozzin

    Abraham Brooksbank

    What can I say, the information posted is just fantastic and exactly what i was looking for and with your permission I would like to use it in my article with a mention from where it came from.
  10. Can any one help me with this poser, I'm trying to find the exact house on Collegiate Crescent where Abraham Brooksbank lived in 1862, he is listed in the 1862 directory but the area was just named Broomhall Park so there's no house numbers. Sorry the pictures a bit iffy.
  11. tozzin

    Hartshead Square

    History is already in place,true memories do lead to history but Id rather chat about past history not recent history.
  12. tozzin

    Hartshead Square

    Hartshead Square is a new innovation, for some reason the council calls new areas " Squares" this particular one has only been in existence for around fifteen years or so and that isn't a historic area as Hartshead is. Even that name has been made into one word when it was originally two. Some of the threads started on here aren't really what you could call history, in fact quite a few are living memory.
  13. In the fifties there wasn't any kind of ravine from Pit Lane until just before St Theresa's which then carried on down to Hastilar Road South and beyond, I played on what was known as pit hill and I rember the pond that formed at its base. St Theresa's didn't have a playing field in the early fifties, we had to use the Zion Ground ? down near Boden Homestead Woods,
  14. What a magical place that was, I went to St Theresa's school and I loved that place, I can't ever remember if it was ever vandalised, I spent hours playing in the Ravine, making dams across the Carr Brook that ran through it. I lived on Harborough Avenue until I was twenty one and I couldn't believe how the council ended up being the vandals by filling it in and removing every trace of wildlife that used this habitat year after year. Now it's footprint is just a boring empty space.
  15. tozzin

    Mystery Location Postcard on Ebay.

    I have several from this company, this one may be on Picture Sheffield .