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  1. Another mystery building in Sheffield

    Old Gas offices Commercial St?
  2. Banner Name

    Something from the Sheffield Coat of Arms, it does have a great shade of green plus the old Sheffield Corporation Transport colours , wasn't it dark blue and cream.
  3. I think this statue should have been raised on some kind of plinth, where it is now, it looks as though it's been placed out of the way. There's plenty of room at the top of Fargate, near Orchard Square, but the council consider this area a cash cow for them.
  4. I do think that the Sheffield History banner is a bit boring,grey is a depressing colour at the best of times and the colourful City coat of arms is lost in a sea of grey. Perhaps a bit of colour may take people's interest and persuade them to stay online longer.
  5. Made in Sheffield

    I don't know exactly what it's but it's NOT for holding meat, one slip with a sharp carving knife and you have a bad injury,
  6. Devonshire Green in Sheffield city centre

    I think they were called Broomhall Flats, long since demolished because they were shoddy. I will not call Devoshire Street, a green, that's just a name made up to give it a bit of spin.
  7. The Crimea Monument

    It's said that the cutting down of railings and such was just a morale exercise and most of the railings and aluminium pots and pans were not used for the war effort.
  8. The Crimea Monument

    Ive just come across this picture in an old Star supplement, taken in 1943 it shows the Crimean cannon along with the railings being taken away for scrap, could imagine the furore if the canons from HMS Victory or any other ancient monument had been taken for scrap.
  9. Old Sheffield Shops...

    I always remember the tailors just past the Manor pictures the other side of the TSB Bank.
  10. Old Sheffield Shops...

    This tailor had a very good reputation , well it did in the 1960s
  11. Old Sheffield Shops...

    There wasn't any shops opposite the Manor Cinema, there was however shops on City Road just past the cinema.
  12. Old Sheffield Shops...

    No-one remember Alex Owen TV shop on the Moor? They were a country wide concern, we used to know one of their travelling salesman and every month to six weeks he'd bring a brand new colour to for use to use, when he brought a new one the other went back in its box and taken back for stock, this went of for over a year till we could afford our own tv.
  13. Street name help please

    These are the only Joseph Allen's in the 1856 Directory Allen Joseph, butcher, Tomcross lane and Killing Shambles Allen .Joseph, joiner and victualler. The Orange Branch, 28 Hollis croft Allen Joseph, shopkeeper and file cutter, Bigod street, Parkhill The 1862 Directory Allen Joseph., razor mnfr., 15 New Edward St Allen Joseph, shpkr., 135 Broomhall St Allen Joseph, shopkeeper, Bigod St., Park (This Street has long gone) It could be that Open Bridge Street was just an un-adopted name.
  14. Is this Sheffield High Street?

    This is how people kept in touch with the news of the day, I think it was the Pheasant down Dixon Lane roughly where the entrance to the Rag n Tag stood, this pub was like a job centre of its day, anyone needing workers put up an advert advertising the fact so the unemployed called in the Pheasant to see if any jobs would suit their particular skills from labourers to grinders, they of course had a pint while perusing the adverts.
  15. Is this Sheffield High Street?

    Further to the Sun Inn, a couple of photos.