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  1. My great great grandfather Frank Gorman was landlord at the Neepsend Tavern back in the 1920s
  2. ahhhh! the transcript. I never thought to check that. Thanks!
  3. My Great Uncle was a Japanese POW during WW2. I have just located his POW card but I'm after some assistance if anyone can tell me where he was captured or the camp he was sent to? Also, does anyone know why the date of capture would appear to show 19.3.15? Would appreciate any help...
  4. HAHA! just re-read the original post and see youve already noticed that too Richard.
  5. The hat and brollie divert your eye from the "S" which is unfortunate....
  6. What was on the telly/radio the day you were born? http://genome.ch.bbc.co.uk/
  7. A "Naf-Naf" blouson jacket and a pair of Zeus jeans from harringtons and you'll be sorted!
  8. My grandfather, James Blackshaw grew up in 67 Addy Street
  9. isnt there also a mural by Rolf Harris on the side of the Radio Sheffield building?
  10. Someone might need to take a trip to the central library and go through back copies of the Green Un! My observations would be that the team look a bit ragged, we have white shorts and black and the guy to the left on the back row either has a different style shirt or is wearing his back to front. Also, the shape of the socks makes it look like there are no shin-pads so I wonder if the picture was taken after training? Lastly, the chap in the centre of the front row has a look of Bill Brelsford, the former United player who played for the club between 1909 & 1922. And his neighbour with the curls also looks familiar to me.........
  11. oooh! like this thread..... The scariest part of living in the eighties - the testing of the air raid sirens Godzilla & Godzuki You were a nobody at school if you didnt own a head bag or a pair of Adidas Samba's. Hoping I'd get an AT-AT for Xmas but having to settle for an X-Wing Summer holiday TV - Pink Panther, The Monkees, Why Dont You?, The red hand gang Holidays spent at Robin Hood Camp, Chapel St Leonards. "Robin Hood camp, Robin Hood camp, Maaaaaaid Marion Club" Diving for a black brick in my PJ's Queens Road skates Spending a small fortune collecting Panini stickers Getting to stay up late watching Sportsnight - as a Blade always remember the Wednesday vs Everton FA cup marathon Sega master System The Flumps, Metal Mickey, Small Wonder, He-Man Xmas Eves spent at Padley & Venable WMC
  12. My father passed away last Tuesday and following conversations with family it appears that he may have played trumpet for a Sheffield band that went by the name of Birthday Cake? Not sure at what time this would be have been. he was 60 so was more than likely late sixties/early seventies. Would look forward to hear from anyone with any information about them... Thanks, Lee
  13. Possible useful links.... http://www.steelersstats.co.uk/ http://www.sheffieldsteelers.co.uk/ http://steeltalk.hockeytweets.co.uk/phpBB3/viewforum.php?f=2 http://www.eliteleague.co.uk/