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  1. My father Ernest Morton

    Sheffield Daily Telegraph 28 February 1911 Hi Monica You mentiond a Brother Walter and i have spotted this that might be of interest. Gary.
  2. My father Ernest Morton

    Sheffield Daily Telegraph 07 May 1914 The reason i was suspicious that some of the posts i put on were wrong is due to some such as this where Earnest Morton is followed by ( Whitley Bridge ), and the referance to his age of 17 was my estimate due to the ages that you stated. There are other people with the same name including a Vicar and a Doctor but the ages dont match.
  3. My father Ernest Morton

    Sheffield Daily Telegraph 25 January 1939 Sadly the previous Two could be the wrong Earnest ( unless he came from Whitley Bridge ? ) Maybe this one is correct now i am working backwards.
  4. My father Ernest Morton

    Here's another one for you. Sheffield Daily Telegraph 27 December 1911
  5. My father Ernest Morton

    Sheffield Daily Telegraph 27 June 1911 This Is this the first Ernest Morton i have found he would have been 17 Years old if its your Father ?. I use Find my Past newspaper section.
  6. My father Ernest Morton

    Sheffield Daily Telegraph 04 May 1939 Is this the same Ernest Morton ?
  7. I've found this that you may already know but sadly no Photo.
  8. Look at the difference here!

    Yes i can vaguely recall that story wasn't it due to Staff put items on the window ledge to cool and getting knocked off ??.
  9. WW1 British helmets

    Hi Mick I have found this site https://www.treasurebunker.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1514-british-ww1ww2-brodie-helmet-maker-stamps/ it doesn't fully answer your question but does mention John Round & Sons.
  10. Tinsley Viaduct at Meadowhall

    I have found this article that refers to the Workmen urinating within the Box Sections of the Viaduct. Birmingham Daily Post 05 May 1972
  11. I have found this Picture of an Old Cottage in Attercliffe sadly no article reference but possibly a business of some kind.
  12. Here's a link to their Website http://www.ziongraveyard.btck.co.uk/
  13. Hello Sheffield History Friends, I thought some of you would be interested in this project that has started recently the site explains itself. https://www.facebook.com/groups/435104566849685/
  14. The German code name for the Blitz was Schmelztiegel ("Crucible").
  15. Anyone remember Sarsaparilla ?

    I remember going into a shop at Firth Park on Stubbin Lane for Sarsaparilla it was at the side of the Fishing Tackle Shop but i dont recall the name .