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  1. syrup

    marti caine in dont dress for dinner

    I've found a Review in The Stage 12 October 1995. Martie Caine delivered an hilarious performance.
  2. Hi JSP I came across this article in the Sheffield Weekly Telegraph That i thought might interest you. William Fisher, JP 1813-1885 10 October 1885 - Sheffield Weekly Telegraph - Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
  3. syrup

    James Neil - Summerfield St.

    MOORE & WRIGHT Annual gathering 1931. Sheffield Daily Telegraph 06 January 1931
  4. syrup

    Bus Driver fined

    Bus Driver Fined 10 Shillings, being drunk in charge of a Bus Sheffield Independent 01 January 1874
  5. Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer 10 July 1935
  6. Great Yorkshire Show Sheffield. 1852 Royd's Cricket Ground 1874 Hillsborough Park 1886 Hillsborough Park 1903 Sheffield ?? 1923 Hillsborough Park Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer 08 July 1935
  7. Over 3,000 Entries. Hull Daily Mail 08 July 1935
  8. Great Yorkshire Preparations. 06 July 1935 - Leeds Mercury
  9. The Prince of Wales will see the Great Yorkshire Show for the first time in his life when he visits the Sheffield Show at Norton Aerodrome next Thursday. Sheffield Independent 05 July 1935
  10. I've found this Newspaper reference to The Yorkshire Show at Norton Aerodrome. The Yorkshireman is a True Englishman. Leeds Mercury 04 July 1935
  11. syrup

    Sheffield Rambling Groups

    The Refugees will have Music. Sheffield Daily Telegraph 12 April 1939
  12. syrup

    Sheffield Rambling Groups

    Clarion Ramblers act of Kindness. Sheffield Daily Telegraph 05 April 1939
  13. syrup

    Sheffield Rambling Groups

    Mr G H B Ward, Founded the Clarion Club in 1901 according to this article. Sheffield Daily Telegraph 02 January 1939
  14. syrup

    Gravestones used as pavements

    Sorry i know as with my last post this is not Sheffield related but is gravestone related. Bolton Chronicle 22 September 1855
  15. syrup

    Gravestones used as pavements

    Due to reading your post and having traced graves related to my Family Tree with a little luck finding gravestones intact and grave sites without stones i decided to search for gravestones in a newspaper archive and came across this article.Interesting but sad reading. Would you want a ancestors gravestone as a keepsake. Gravestones are being used as Patio Tables in the USA. Newcastle Evening Chronicle 28 April 1994