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  1. I have found this article in a 1950s newspaper referring to Carfield Secondary School with some pupils mentioned. Sheffield Daily Telegraph 28 August 1950
  2. No problem Paul, I use Find my Past that gives access to News archives.
  3. Here are some of the News articles covering the story. 30 August 1920 - Sheffield Independent 03 September 1920 - Sheffield Daily Telegraph 07 February 1935 - Sheffield Independent 15 February 1935 - Sheffield Independent
  4. I'm thinking that you may have this article but just in case.. Sheffield Independent 26 December 1893
  5. Sorry about that i remember using the roundabout at the time it was there and saw the picture without reading the s text.
  6. Its the first post on this thread Posted April 22, 2007 by tsavo
  7. Hi John I have found this article that may help your quest a little. Sheffield Daily Telegraph 12 April 1883
  8. Police Constable Lewis. Sheffield Daily Telegraph 23 September 1908
  9. Fairthorn Lodge to let rent £60 per year. Sheffield Daily Telegraph 31 May 1927
  10. Fairthorn Lodge and Farm to be sold by Auction. Sheffield Daily Telegraph 10 April 1915
  11. Mr Daniel Doncasters Will. ( The Scarborough item is not related ) Sheffield Daily Telegraph 25 January 1913
  12. I have found a few articles in the newspapers that might help in a small way. Mr and Mrs D Doncaster, meeting two hundred Guests in a tent in the beautiful grounds of Fairthorne Lodge. Sheffield Daily Telegraph 17 August 1909
  13. Gave False Name. Sheffield Independent 04 October 1930
  14. Articles of clothing worn by Mrs Clara Ann Johnson were identified by her brother, Mr George Huntley, of Louth Road, Sheffield. Sheffield Daily Telegraph 25 October 1928