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  1. Hi, I am the assistant editor of a brand new Bi-Annual Sheffield Magazine called Skewwiff. The first issue is currently being prepared for the launch in Autumn 2009. Skewwiff is a lifestyle magazine featuring music, art, street style and fashion of Sheffield past and present. I wondered if anyone has any stories and/or pictures from Sheffield nightclubs from the 60's, 70's and 80's or any of any famous bands they saw during that time. I am also interested in High Resolution images of the city as it used to look, the hole in the road, the old peace gardens, park hill, Norfolk park and Kelvin Flats etc. If anyone is interested in contributing to Skewwiff either with pictures or any interesting stories then please email them to e.sutton@skewwiff.co.uk Any pictures or stories that we use will be fully credited and we would be most grateful to receive them as we want Skewwiff to be as filled with the true spirit of the city with all its richness and diversity. I look forward to hearing from you. Elliott Sutton - BSc, MSc Skewwiff Assitant Editor