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  1. The Zing Vaa certainly was Sheffield's first chinese restaurant. It was run by a bloke called Harry Yun, He was of Chinese descent but born in Sheffield. His family ran the Yun Bun Laundry at Heeley in the 50's. He had a very good business head and knew that success was all about customer service. His restaurant on The Moor was underground, below one of the shops. He used to stand at the bottom of the stairs, greeting customers as they came in. Because he was born in Sheffield he had a Sheffield accent which tended to throw you. If he recognised you as a regular visitor, he would greet you in a friendly fashion, saying "Oreyt, owd lad?" The last thing you'd expect from anyone who was obviously Chinese was an out-and-out Sheffield accent. Brilliant.
  2. My late great uncle, Harold Styring, made a lifetime's work of researching the Styring family history. He got back to around 700ad! It started with a viking called Styr the Strong in Upssala in Sweden. His conclusion was that all people called Styring are related and go back to this ancestor. One line is royal, includes King Canute and comes down to our current royal family. Like our side, to link Wilfred Styring to the Lord Mayor, Robert Styring, you'd probably have to go back between 150 and 250 years. Harold Styring published a book on his work on the Styring family called Earls Without Coronets