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  1. How could you miss out those Poisonous Little Creatures. On Action Records in the late 80s: http://www.poisonouslittlecreatures.co.uk/ An album, a 7" single and some compilation album appearences. Talking about compilations, big up to Mighty Sheffield Records - perhaps the only label in Sheffield at the time releasing local bands on vinyl. http://www.stevlor.com/shutter/shutterindex.htm
  2. Recently interviewed Richard H Kirk from the Cabs...here's the link: Richard H Kirk interview: Jan 2009
  3. Yes - Artery launch their brand new "Standing Still" EP on Phantom Power Records at the Academy on Saturday February 21st with support from RepoMen. Get bookin' yer tickets HERE Watch a brand new video for "Who's afraid of David Lynch?" HERE More info on the new EP HERE