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  1. I am trying to determine if there was anything left of the Park Goods station after 1966 to 1969. I understand that it was supposed to have closed in 1963. Due to the Tinsley marshalling yard being opened in 1965. There is a picture of it still in operation captured with a photo of the Canal Basin, but the photo implies late 60's rather than earlier. I have tried to search for large scale maps from the late 60's, but had no results. I don't know if you can buy them. The O.S. site has no indication of maps, at least down to street level size, on their website. I have seen a picture dated to 1969 of the Flying Scotsman passing through Victoria, which shows some carriages parked up on the lines to the station. So that could mean that the tracks were still there at that time.
  2. I did manage to find a passenger timetable for 1968 on E-bay. But if that does included freight train movements it will be helpful. I was also wondering what was happening to the former Park Goods which linked to the Victoria line at this time? I understand it was closed in 1963, but were the tracks still there around 1967 to 1968?
  3. Anyone got any timetables for Victoria late 1960's?
  4. Presumably the people and firms living and operating on Sheaf Island had to be compensated when the Midland Station was built, just like now with the HS2 creation. So there must have been records of this. It would answer lots of questions for anyone interested in anybody operating or living on Sheaf Island.
  5. Does anyone have any plans of Sheffield Victoria or know where they can be got?
  6. They had rabbits hanging up in the meat and fish market of Castle Market in the 60's and 70's. Still with fur on!
  7. Here's a great video by a real train driver filmed by him, with explanations of the route taken this year. With unedited passage through tunnels and yes Totley Tunnel. The only time he stops the video is waiting time at stations. Things to watch for include the speed signs, especially into Sheffield. Plus how quickly the train accelerators. When he stops the train in a station, the driver has to know when to apply the brakes. There's nothing telling him now stop for the next station.
  8. Recent Google images of the area show that construction work has revealed several interesting features. The first image at the top some brickwork remains of the pit. Two white rectangles are I think fenced off areas, these could be to do with the works or could be something that they have found, such as pit shafts or drain covers. Notice too the very black soil, indicating the presence of coal dust. The Orange object is an excavotor. The second image shows the school car park recently extended. The third shows the former school fields. Clearly a large collection of clay coloured water has developed in the middle. In the middle of the brown soil area you can see straight lines. These could be field edges if they were not caused by the work itself.
  9. I would like to wish you all a happy New Year and look forward for more historical memories in the years to come
  10. If Sheffield History has charity status then it might be able to apply for grants to Sheffield Charity and funding organisations to also raise cash, or even match what has also been raised by members. Even if it has not you can still apply for the same as long as Sheffield History is not a commercial body. All they will want to know is the aims and status of the project and what S H wants the money for. Bodies such as the Town Trust have grants for voluntary projects.
  11. Done so, we'll get the money soon!
  12. Just wondering what methods are available for donating to Sheffield History as it doesn't say on the donation entry? For example can you donate via paypal?
  13. I found this watercolour painting of Woodthorpe Hall that I have never seen before. It was sold by an auction place. Auction site link
  14. Two shots from a plane in 1929 and 1927. Both show the pit tip that the fire station sits on now. The giant reservoir can be seen on both and was raised up so you could see it from semi-circle road of Queen Mary. The 1927 picture still shows the chimney to the mine. Prince Edward School under construction, both show the colliery managers house, the odd looking one in the wooded area. The 1929 picture shows the field where the Woodthorpe estate would go. The odd shaped one with the tree still survives to this day as it became the boundary of the estate. The tree was still there in the 70's, but did get chopped down. I suspect there's still a bit of the trunk left! The only houses left today are those under construction on Prince of Wales Road. And the Manor Cinema.