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  1. Game of Thrones

    If you haven't watched this yet, especially if you haven't got sky buy the DVD of them. You will not be disappointed. For one thing though set in a fantasy world, the series recreates what a medieval battle would be like in full glory detail. It's also got a cast list to die for, including Sheffield's own Sean Bean. And if you don't like him then you are in for a treat! The special effects are brilliant. The storylines fantastic. One thing I can say it's no use waiting for it to come to the main Freeview channels. As even if they could afford it they would serious problems getting it past offcom and the like. As they contain gory details, sex and really bad language. Strictly 18 rating. My only advice is to not watch it with your meals and don't get attached to any character in it.
  2. Salmon pastures coal depot

    Do a search on the Britain From Above website for Nunnery Colliery as there are pictures from the air of that.
  3. BEATTIES toy and model shop

    I always thought that Redgates was closed well before that shop opened. By that time I think the Redgates building was just another department store.
  4. Beer prices in 1971..

    That was before the Government started putting tax on alcohol consumption. After every budget they would stick 5p or 10p on a pint. Less on whiskey, generally because the chancellor use to drink that. Well it was always an MP's joke about it. The less people in work and the more problems had to be met, so a tax on drink was the easy option. They can't really do it now, since all the pubs shut down. Publicans today will state that most of the price of a pint is tax. But like taxing cigarettes it does reduce the health problems down.
  5. Beer prices in 1971..

    If I was an alcoholic I would invent me a time machine
  6. You can get to the page, but the newsletter is still saying 404.
  7. He was paid more than the workers, but it wasn't a great wage. It was a Manpower Services Commission (MSC) scheme after all. The workers were employed by the Council Recreation Department. The Council had managed to convince the Union's to let them run the scheme, on the basis that the workers were paid the going rates for the job. Which was they did. However normal Recreation workers got a bonus for working faster or doing more jobs, which wasn't paid, so the Council saved some money doing the scheme with Job Scheme workers. Beer was much cheaper then. It would have cost him around a pound a pint. Not that alcoholics are bothered about money. He would have probably caged a few pints of his friends too.
  8. I worked on a Job Creation scheme on Ellesmere Road around 1979/80. We created the playing ground area just above the school. Much of the old housing had been demolished by then. If you go to the school area. A load of old sets (cobblestones) made a paved area. Some of them are laid in wavy lines, when they should have been straight. This was caused by one of the ganger's on the site called Terry, who had a drink problem. It was said he could drink about 20 pints a day. Being in the pub one launch with him I can well believe it!
  9. The number 52 to Crookes

    The 52 along with the 95 were the most profitable routes for the bus company. They were both targeted massively when bus privatisation came in. The other buses in the picture carry the SYT logo for South Yorkshire Transport. Well after the days when we had cheap bus fares.
  10. The number 52 to Crookes

    It would point it to it being the 80's or 90's depending when they introduced the Red Bus livery. With the colour of that bus, it looks like it must have been taken shortly after bus privatisation had begun. With that bus not being changed to the new colour scheme.
  11. Fantastic old photo of Sheffield City Hall!

    If you ask me the only difference is that horses don't pull carts and wagons, the muck has turned to litter and there are loads of cars now.
  12. Sheffield town all and civic centre

    That's nowt I got a wack on ear from Mr Sheppard at Prince Edwards for spelling "Water" as "Watar".
  13. Sheffield town all and civic centre

    Shouldn't it be "Hall" not "all". Unless you mean Sheffield did have it all. Which one would dispute these days.
  14. Air pollution Sheffield-history

    If you had to live in that muck breathing it in, your escape was to get a new council house on the Manor. As this aerial photo shows on the Picture Sheffield Website, you can see the smog over the city centre, but it clears further up City Road. Manor from the Air about 1929
  15. Buck Wood, Gleadless Valley

    It's clearly a wall which has been worn away over time. But to confirm it is a park wall, I would need to know where it is. If it runs along the edge of the wood, then it will be the park wall. This below is the Manor Wall, which shows the construction of a deer park wall. Note how the base of the wall has smaller flat stones. While the upper sections, which have been repaired are less well thought out.