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  1. This is a really good site. It shows a modern Google map satellite with an original 25" OS map of 1892. It places the old OS map in a circle and you can move around the entire area of Sheffield, plus presumably elsewhere, and see precisely where things were. It's really accurate so when an old building or other structure has survived till the present day, then it will overlay it precisely. I have been using it to map out the boundary of Sheffield Park. Locate old farms and other features. I found it on a link on the Friends of Sheffield Castle website. Georeferenced Maps
  2. Minitram in Sheffield

    Back in the 70's such a system was expensive to build and maintain. Computers were not around to ensure safe running. But these days that's all a thing of the past. They have been constructed in Japan and unlike Supertram they don't crash into things, get stuck in traffic jams and cars don't slide around on the rails. The construction costs are much cheaper than trams as the sections and supports can be made elsewhere then taken to the site for erection. Which doesn't take long either. All they have to do is pile drive the post supports into the ground and then with cranes put the track sections up. Ever heard a Supertram pass by at 30 mph. They are noisy as hell. Monorails can be run on tyres, which means they are as quite as they can be made. Just like an electric car passing by. They use the same electrical system as the Supertram 750v DC. Just look at this video of them in Japan.
  3. Stacey Family

    I am doing a bit of research for a friend of mine on his family tree. I would like to know something about the following people. Particularly if anyone can trace their ancestry of any brother or sister related to them. The first is Herbert Stacey born 29 March 1893 died aged 68 in 1961. The second is Mary Elizabeth Hickling born 8 December 1891 died 1964. They were married in 1917 at the Marsden Street Methodist Chapel Chesterfield. I believe he was a miner at Killermarsh. I know all about the Children they had, but my friend would like to know if their are any distant cousins still alive of them.
  4. Sheffield Records Office

    I agree with Edmund that it is nothing to do with the Sheffield Records Office. From looking around it is run by the people who are connected with the Sheffield Indexers site. Much of the records seemed to be available on the Sheffield Indexers site, though I suppose like this site you have to join to take part in the forum or see more detailed information. I looked at it once before and thought about joining, but there seem to be a lot of going backwards and forwards, before you even get to see anything of importance, so I gave up. Maybe it's simpler now or maybe they like it kept to those in the know
  5. VIDEO : Sheffield City Centre in 1960

    The traffic and pedestrians would depend on the time of day. From the clocks featured it was around 12.30. So that being lunch time could indicate more shoppers and people hanging around town. Just like today.
  6. The Goodwin Fountain

    So who was Sir Stuart Goodwin? How did he get the contract for the fountain?
  7. Station Master

    The Sheffield Midland Manager was still wearing a bowler hat in 1977 when I worked there.
  8. Station Master

    Sheffield Victoria. It had a wonderful atmosphere that station. Though I only went on it when it was closed. I sneaked past the the small bay platform in front of the signal box at the top end. When the signal man wasn't looking. I love those Eastern Region signs too. Much better than those on the Midland. Both stations though had those named lights. I loved the ones mounted on a concrete post.
  9. Last time I looked it still said on the front somewhere that it was the Gas Company.
  10. Furniture Industry in Sheffield.

    My ancestors were cabinet makers in Sheffield. They came down from Wakefield in the 1800's. Later on his son Joseph was in the same trade. They lived a Pomona Street for a while, but later moved to Dobbin Hill Road. Much more upmarket! His 3 year old son Henry (my Great Grandfather) did not follow in the family business.
  11. BEATTIES toy and model shop

    Computer games and Asda selling Train sets would have put an end to them anyway. More Supermarket space than people in Sheffield.
  12. Pedestrians and Traffic 1950

    It is a silent movie. It's funny that most of the women look like the Queen or Princess Margaret and the older woman like Thoria Hird.
  13. Modern Day Medicine.

    And the NHS!
  14. Modern Day Medicine.

    One of the most common recorded deaths is in children is often called "Teething". But most of these cases are now believed to be carbon monoxide poisoning, due to the coal fires. Most chimneys allowed this to come into the room where children slept. I suspect the "visitation of God" was used when there was no apparent cause of death.
  15. Can anyone work out what this says please.

    I would have thought 11 Clapham's Yd Pea Croft, depending which way they were going down the street.