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  1. A word of caution with anything like wheat and seed plants growing in now heavily populated areas. People feed birds these days and seeds they used are sometimes those type of plants. Indeed we ourselves have seen such plants growing in our garden. But these are down birds and other wildlife dropping them. Not what is left of farms. Not that I am saying that wheat plant is a bird seed dropped.
  2. Has anyone got any pictures of Sheffield buses that operated in the 1960's from the inside and also any showing local advertisements that went on the outside of them? If you have close ups of the adverts that would be even better. If you search for these things on the net you tend to get modern buses or the firms that sell advertising on buses.
  3. Thanks Peter that should be a welcome improvement.
  4. The most mysterious place I can think of is the Town Hall. Nobody in Sheffield has a clue what goes off in that building, even and especially those that work there It's even weirder the effect it has on Sheffield too
  5. No 19 was rescued by the Manor and Castle Development trust. It was being used as an architect office last time I went past, but that was a few years ago. It was known locally as the Sweet Factory as it was used at one time as precisely that.
  6. You can see where they have straightened the wall to get shut of the well, with the stone work that doesn't match the rest of the wall, on the Brookhouse Hill one. The rest of the surroundings don't seem to have changed much apart from the road not being mud any more. How many comparison pictures can you say that of? Could that be the same hedge I wonder?
  7. Boundary Gleadless Road. Any clues as to where this one would be today?
  8. I believe they farm out the work to a company called Media Storehouse, as the prices seem to be the same. I recently purchased ACM/MAPS/SheD/737 from them, which is a 1785 map by Fairbank of the area around Simon Wheel, which I had not seen before. You can choose a wide range of styles and finishes, even framed pictures!
  9. Has anyone else noticed that Picture Sheffield has been loading a lot more maps onto the site? However they are ALL such low resolution, that even when you Zoom them you still can't make out any of the details or names. I can't think why they are uploading them, except to make money from the sale of the images, because that's the only way you can see what is on the maps.
  10. I noticed that several crucial areas of the 1950's maps are missing from the list. I was particularly wanting the SK3787 map. If it can't be sourced here, where else can it be found online?
  11. 1967 is more to do with when British Rail started to go blue and double arrow logo's started. Funnily enough the prices of model cars and buses are very cheap compared with railway models. Brand new MK 1 railway coaches are coming in around £45. That's why young kids are not really into model railways these days. James May did a thing about Hornby on TV recently. There was a model railway exhibition filmed all the people were old chaps. They blocked out the face of a single teenage lad, James said it was so that he could have a life!
  12. I am not to certain how easy that would be to do on that model. It might have been specially put on - the route number details. So as I haven't bought one (you can get one from Hattons the model railway people for around £10) I'll not order one.
  13. So in theory that model of the bus could be seen going under the Wicker Arches around 1967? Yes or no anybody?
  14. Was the 53 Bus to Parson's Cross running between 1966 to 1969? There's a model of one and I'm trying to pin it down