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  1. Enlargement of air photo of Woodthorpe Colliery 1927. It was still in operation as you can see smoke coming out of the chimney.
  2. Some enlargements of air photos Stand House farm 1927 it was demolished a few years later to make room for the school. Nunnery Farm 1935 showing around it MASSIVE excavations connected with the colliery. Springwood Cottage wasn't really a farm but probably connected to the Woodthorpe Colliery. It stood near Queen Mary Road. Access was via Pit Lane.
  3. Some recent finds A lone 16 ton mineral wagon left on bay line!
  4. Tayler's map of 1832 shows not even the streets - Bungay or Granville there. So it seems unlikely that in the 1850 map that was a old building. In fact since both of the streets have dotted line edges, that could mean that they were under construction when surveyed in 1850. So my conclusion in that it was built between 1840 and 1849.
  5. It looks like the picture with 5,6,7 has it shut down. With some kind of sale notice on it. There's now a road passing through the site. So they now only show "road movies".
  6. You can message them using the envelope on the blue bit on top of the screen. Click on it and you will see compose. Send it to the user name you want.
  7. I was at Hurlfield at that time. I wasn't featured on it though. I do recall that the teachers thought that Panorama had done an smear job on the school!
  8. Malcom Mercer did a piece on this in a Manor Memories booklet in May 1997. It all started with the ruling in 1928 that there shall be no licensed premises on any Council housing developments. A few years later a vote was defeated that would have allowed them. A committee was appointed and referendum followed in 1936, except for Woodthorpe (45%) turnout was never above 27%. The result was the Council would allow ONE on each estate, but since they would cost £55K to build, decide to provide only the land and lease only. Rules were set down though, tables not a bar, food, beer from two breweries. Good tenants and toilets!! The outcome for the Manor was the Manor Hotel in 1939.
  9. Could this be it? Picture Sheffield Co-Op
  10. Don the real train driver, who did the Manchester to Sheffield video, has done another video where an HST 125 travels through the Sheffield area all seen from the cab of the train. Highlights include how the driver avoided stopping at Meadowhall station, plus Sheffield Station, Chesterfield and some of the great architecture of the tunnels on the lines. The Train is the Leeds to Derby service so includes a great deal of South Yorkshire and Derbyshire too.
  11. Did the family or a branch of it go into the electrical TV and Radio business that was based in Sheffield and became well known?
  12. He was recently detained by the police attempting to walk the River Don which passes through the Stocksbridge Steel Works. However he was spotted at that point and that's when the police was called in! The video's are called the 36DD.