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  1. History dude

    East Bank Road

    One of the Wilson of Sharrow, I believe and Lord Mayor at some point.
  2. But did they really look after their houses in the past? Reports show that tenants were not clean and in many cases the council had to send there household contents to be decontaminated before they let them move to council houses. Families would drink out of jam jars, while the husband was down the pub supping the money away. Private homes were overcrowded and very unsanitary. I can tell you now that there are plenty of private tenants today who have homes that are unsanitary and have terrible gardens. Compared to some council properties, which have only just been brought up to the decent home standards, they are worse than those of 60 years ago. Council homes have been sold off to tenants, who then sold them off for profit. Others sold off are neglected as the tenants don't have the money to afford to keep them up. Where I used to live on the Upper Manor they have built new homes, but they are NOT for council tenants. Some are for sale, but the rest are private rented. There are no affordable homes being built in Sheffield and a MASSIVE amount of people need them. Meanwhile the remaining councils tenants and those in need fight it out to get a house or flat, which are restricted to income and need. Social housing created the need for more means testing. But having a neighbour with 11 kids from different fathers, or the woman with two kids, escaping an abusive husband that the system, or the woman herself, will not deal with, is not most people's idea of a good neighbour.
  3. Robin probably only used the forest in summertime, since it would have been an awful place to be in the winter. Something they got around in the Flynn movie by having it the much warmer climate of America. Though they painted the tree leaves green because some of them lost the colour and they also had to make them greener for the technicolor system!
  4. The Major Oak has been dated and it would have only been a sapling at the time Robin was around.
  5. I always wonder why Robin Hood in Shrek spoke with a French accent and now I know why!
  6. History dude

    Fitzalan Square 21/07/2108

    So they are still digging it up 90 years from now.
  7. I went to Millhouses not for the paddling pool, but to wade in the River Sheaf to catch Bullheads, or Miller's Thumb as they were sometimes called. You couldn't catch them at Rivelin, well I never saw them.
  8. In the 70's we also liked to go to the Moss Brook at Ford near Mosborough. We caught the circular 2 59 bus to Gleadless Townend and walked it downhill to Ford. It was a really hot day and we were too knackered to walk it back. However we got a shock when we caught the 99 bus back to Gleadless Townend. Sheffield at that time had a 2 pence fare for kids. But the 99 was an East Midland's bus and charged a bigger price for kids. One of the lads didn't have enough money and the rest of us had only enough for the journey back home. Thankfully one of the passengers on the bus paid for him to go home!
  9. I think my favourite was Rivelin Valley Nature Trail and the swimming pool area. We could catch the 95 Bus to the terminus and walk down the steep slope on Sundays to the paddling pool area.
  10. History dude

    Beer and steelworks

    It would of course depend on the strength of the beer. At one time there was brew called "small beer" you couldn't get drunk on a few pints of that. It was certainly safer than drinking the water!
  11. History dude


    More likely a long STAND.
  12. History dude


    Some rather rude one's that Jasper Carrot made famous. I can get away with them because you have to have a dirty mind to work them out, nobody wants to admit to that do they! The gates are open, but the beast is asleep" "I just going to syphon my python."
  13. History dude


    These days kids have to go to what one teacher called "Day Jail For Kids" till they are 18. Now I wonder why that phrase hasn't caught on!
  14. History dude


    I once worked on Rotherham Station. The supervisor asked me to fetch a book that included all the train times and formations. I forget what they called it. It sounded like a a joke to me - a left hand screwdriver type! So I refused. He went nuts! I still wouldn't do it. So he left me standing on the platform and went over to the other side of the station. When he came back, he had the book in his hand and said look it's not a joke!!
  15. History dude


    In the machine world of Sheffield's past, men would get grease on their elbows attending to greasy steam engines! But I suspect it might have come from the sheep trade. Wool is very greasy so has to be got rid of, this was down by bashing it with hammers at fulling mills. The people doing it were called Walkers, hence the surname.