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  1. Further to my last post. I just got my book out. It says both Enid Blyton's parents were born and grew up in Sheffield. Soon after their marriage the Sheffield cutlery firm sent Enid Blyton's father to London where Enid Blyton was born. It says in the book that Enid Blyton used to love hearing her father tell her stories about his childhood in Sheffield. Alright she's not a Sheffielder herself but she was my favourite author as a child.
  2. When I was a kid in the 80's I was told by some other kid that her ex-husband either owned or worked the butchers shop in Banner Cross, Ecclesall. I don't know if that's true.
  3. I suppose this would go under the "Other" Section: The Cantors national chain of furniture shops, naturally called "Cantor's" was started by a Sheffield cabinet maker Abe Cantor. Under Music: Were the "Human League" band members on the list? I don't know what their names are. Also one of the members of "The Beautiful South" - went to Lydgate Lane School for a while and might have been in King Edwards.(?) Can't remember his name. The following bits don't really count as the people were just passing through Sheffield. Other: "Sir Monagtue Burton - of the Burton tailoring/clothes group. Founded from one small shop in Chesterfield. Though not a Sheffielder his business empire orignated in this area. Montague Burton married Cissie Marks, of Worksop at North Church Street Synagogue in Sheffield." (does not exist anymore) Samuel Marks who was an important figure in South African History. Amongst other things he was a mediator between the Boers and British in negotiations that ended the Boer War in 1902. He was born in Lithuania but emigrated. He arrived in Sheffield in 1866 and worked in a shop but was disatisfied at the prospect of spending the rest of life as a store assistant immigrated to South Africa in 1868. I remember reading in Enid Blyton's biography by Barbara Stoney, that her father was born in Kent but had later lived in Sheffield for a long time and even had a Yorkshire accent. I think he either worked as a cutlery salesman or selling Yorkshire cloth. I can't remember. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I should check it out but the book's in storage. Don't know why she didn't put in more Yorkshire characters in her books instead of middle class Southerners ;)