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  1. I have sent you a PM hope it helps. :)
  2. It is very sad, I have his books, and they are a good read some of it is laugh out loud funny, I know I read them on the bus and got some rather strange looks from the other passangers. Well worth a read if you haven't read them yet, and the money from the sale of them goes to a good cause.
  3. Don't know if Funks still do Pork Sandwiches. but their breadcakes are top class lol
  4. It should give you details of all the previous occupants on the Land Registry form you will get from your Solicitor, that is assuming you are buying it and not renting.
  5. Used to see Marti Caine in Cole Brothers a lot. usually in the Coffee Shop. I was also a member of her fitness place Sherbert, which was in an upstairs place down the Moor. Bobby Knutt's wife place was on West Street.
  6. I bet it did Sorry I don't supose it was that funny at the time. :rolleyes:
  7. Mr Lake and his wife had a very small general store on Worral Road (I believe it has now been turned into flats) it was in the same row of shops as the chip shop. When we used to go in as kids for 2oz of midget gems, he always used to ask if I liked the black ones, "Yes I said with a big smile", needless to say there were an awful lot of black ones in my bag. He used to ask because some people didn't like them. In the same row looking up from the Horse & Jockey Pub, there was Lakes, then Jubbs Butchers, then Allens Greengrocers, then Vauses Chip shop. There is only the chip shop left, the green grocers is now a hairdressers, and the others are flats.
  8. No, apart from all the rubble has been removed, it's just empty. Think people are still using the driving range though.
  9. What's your address watercress there are another couple of lines, but my memory has gone blank :mellow:
  10. Wouldn't fancy spending any time in there. Its hard to believe it was a hospital, looks more like the hospital "The Thrift" that was featured in the TV Drama Bramwell.
  11. Simon Beckett, is a freelance journalist and author, who lives in Sheffield. He used to have a slot on Dean Pepalls show on Radio Sheffield, Saturday mornings- Becketts Books, where he would review and recommend books to read. He has written the following Fine Lines- 1994 Animals - 1995 Where there's smoke- 1997 Owning Jacob - 1998 Chemistry of Death - 2006 Written in Bone - 2007 I have read Chemistry of death and am about to start Written in Bone. I have tried to get hold of his other novels, and have checked on amazon, but they are all in the states, which I believe are a slightly different version. I think Fine Lines is actually set in Sheffield, but I am not totally sure. His last two are part of a series, and if Written in Bone is as good as Chemistry of Death, I am in for a good read.
  12. I remember watching "Explaration Earth" whilst at primary school, we used to gather in the hall on a Thursday Morning to watch it. It seemed to go for weeks. Not a school programme, but on a similar theme to White Horses, who remembers FollyFoot ?, which also involved horses and the lightning Tree. :)