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  1. Does anyone know anything about what looks (on Google Earth) like a derelict Pavillion on playing fields behind the Mount Pleasant Inn between Derbyshire Lane, Warminster Road, Gordon Avenue and the new new houses where the Dairy used to be off Hemsworth Road?
  2. I've been using https://www.freebmd.org.uk/cgi/search.pl it includes the Birth, Marriage and Death registers from 1837 to about 1985 and run by voluteers but is totally FREE.
  3. Anyone any ideas where i could find a list of Canadian soldiers staying at a base around about where the Magnet pub at Southey Green used to be? Any help appreciated.
  4. Cheers everyone who posted a reply telling me where Rose Hill was. Special cheers to Neddy, on the afore mentioned Marriage certificate of Annie Bunting (living at 51 Rose Hill) and husband to be Thomas Higgins (living at 53 Rose Hill), Maria Mattock was a witness. Maria Mattock (nee Taylor) married Jacob Mattock in Sheffield 1909 and had the son Jacob in 1910 (the one you have found school records for) on the 1911 census. So Annie, if not related, must have been boarding with them in 1916. But although you have helped me find out more about 51 Rose Hill and the Mattock's i still can't make a connection but it may do in the future. I don't think Thomas Higgins or Annie Bunting were living on Rose Hill on the 1911 census. Cheers again to everyone who took time to post replies.
  5. Desy, my wife used to skate down there and seems to think the blonde lady's name was Irene. Does anyone remember coloured lad called John, an employee there in the eighties he would probably be in his mid 50's by now? Baldy.
  6. Could anyone tell me where a road in Sheffield called Rose Hill is/was around 1916? I think it has gone now as i have tried to google it but all that comes up is one at Mosborough which i think is a newish estate unless it has been built over. I'm thinking it was around Attercliffe, Brightside, Darnall, Handsworth as they were married in Brightside Parish Church. Furthermore could anyone tell me who was living at 51 and 53 Rose Hill in 1916 as i have people who i am researching that were living at these addresses when they got married but would like to know who they were living with. Annie Bunting was living at 51 while husband to be Thomas Higgins was living at 53 Rose Hill. Thanks for any info.
  7. Haha, i bought some Adidas Samba last year cos i couldn't get any of the white and gold Adidas Forest Hills that i was after. I haven't worn them that much as i don't want to ruin the suede and have now managed to get a pair of white and gold Diadora Borg Elite. Also bought a Sergio Tacchini tracksuit top with zip off sleeves, exactly the same as i had in the eighties they've re-released and a pair of Farah trousers BUT (not the older men's ones even though i am old now) the ones with the jeans kind of pocket. All together with Ellesse, Lacoste and Lyle & Scott shirts. Just need to bleach me a pair 501's now. And all the while i'm typing this in the background, i have an 80's playlist playing on my pc of all the 80's albums and compilations. Sad and stuck in the 80's or what?
  8. Haha, i bought some Adidas Samba last year and am after a new bag for work and was looking for a Head bag.
  9. New post http://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/index.php/topic/14187-anyone-know-someone-in-this-photograph/
  10. Anyone know someone in this photograph? I have a little information on this photograph. I was told: It was taken by Frank Herbert Brindley and is of a winning Sheffield Transport bowls team from around the 1940's at either Meadowhead, Milhouses or Netheredge. The gentleman at the back left is my great grandfather George Lambert Brailsford (1873-1954) and the at the back right is his son-in-law Clifford Whiteley (c.1890-c.1858). The other 3 gentlemen i do not know and wondered if anyone recognises them or can verify the place or date. I would be happy to email a copy to any of their relations if wanted. Personally i think the photo is at Sheffield Transport Sports Club at Meadowhead looking across the cricket pitch towards where the dual carriageway of Chesterfield Road South now runs to Chesterfield, but i have been up there even asked if they have any bowls trophies or record of teams and after giving him time to kindly check around, i called back after a couple of days, i was told there was no bowls trophies or any record of any Bowls teams. So any help input be great.
  11. That's him,excellent work everyone and thanks everyone for your time. I have a picture of my great grandfather who used to live nextdoor at 971 Abbeydale Road. I was told a photographer from nextdoor took the photograph. I'm trying to find out who the other 4 are now in another post. Cheers everyone.
  12. Can anyone find out who lived at 973 Abbeydale Road between 1939 and 1955? I believe it was a photographer, maybe for Sheffield Newspapers or The Star. Any help appreciated.
  13. Hi John is this George Turner one of your relatives? http://www.picturesh...s=2&action=zoom
  14. Cheers Doreen, i found those results myself but couldn't narrow it down any futher than Ridgeway without paying, either.
  15. Trying to get in touch with Kenneth Tyree, he will be about 80 this year and was living in Ridgeway, Sheffield 12 with his wife Jaqueline until 2003. Any help appreciated.