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  1. Hi Dave, The Royal hotel is just across the road from the Old Cross Daggers, I will try and get a picture of both of them, the Royal was bulldozed back in the early 1900,s and replaced with the one now, havnt noticed a date on this building but will have a closer look.
  2. Produced, printed and published by pickards colour publishing Sheffield. Small postacrds of past pubs in sheffield with address and a little history on the backs
  3. Looking on ebay and these postcards was on dont know if anyone would be interested in them. Simplex car and two with the simplex works on them Ebay ID no is 370171723587. Or just look for simplex sheffield. Items finish today 18th march 2009 in approx ten hours No bids yet. Thanks
  4. My uncle owned the pub from 1980 1985 ron and rita Newman , I worked there for a couple of years. it was a lovely pub and mainly for the elders. They had a organ and customers would come in and sing usually the same ones week after week. I was in my twenties but I knew all the old songs by the time I left. Really enjoyed my time there. Ron and rita then took over the Old Hall at Hope valley. Dont know who run it after that, As far as I am aware it was always called the Link from the beggining.
  5. Thankyou transit I thought it was another name , the old blue bell. we used to go there a lot when i was younger Thanks
  6. Hi Peter, You was On the same side of us then, My mum moved because at that time she was wanting a house with a garden, I think she moved at the right time looking back. Mentioning the crumbled concrete brings back my nightmares when i have them, I am walking up the stairs the ones on the end of the blocks open , and I am walking up the stairs but not on the concrete but on the steel reinforcement very frightening always wakes me up. Lots of things got thrown over the top, I remember the girl and televison set, although that happened after we left. Dont know what year? she is buried in City road cemetary. They then put up horrible steel frame on the pavement that stuck out so anything that was thrown over would land on this and not the people. Sad to say but it did get quite bad towards the end didnt it. What year did you leave? I remember watching the flats being blown up from Manor oaks road end sat on sky edge I think that would have been 1991.
  7. I am really glad other people did have a Positive experiance because they did get bad reviews in later years. I suppose towards the end of there life i didn't like them too. The strange thing was after we moved of I went back on them with a friend to her mothers and found myself terrified of the lifts and the heights, and still am to this day. I had to go to Dacre Row and was walking near the doors just couldnt bring myself to look over the landing, It felt so open to the elements I felt so unsafe. I used to stick my head over these landings and shout down to the kids on the bottom, oh and how many times did the fire engines have to come out because one of the kids had got their head stuck between the railings and had to be cut out, oh the concrete used to rip your ears to shreds. I do remember the other spiral staircase but the middle one was just at the side of us so that was the one I used, Do you remember the old lady that was murdered that lived on the spiral staircase well not literally there was flats on there too i think either three or four . The boy was a teenager and went to norfolk school not going to mention names he was in my class and came to school after he had done his nasty deed. It was near bonfire night possibly '75-'76. My bedroom overlooked the dog track, the Wybourn, the railways. I think when Park Hill is done and they look like what they have done to the existing Hyde Park then they should be really nice, but couldn't move on unless it was on the smaller end blocks top of Duke Street, good luck in that.
  8. Great pic just about the time I worked at dewhurst butchers, Does anyone know how long dewhurst had been there, I left in 1982 and it was still there for a few years after
  9. Hi ukelele lady love your pics you have some very interesting ones, Would you have some of the pubs that used to be on broad street I think they were called ye old arrow golden ball and the durham ox. I think the arrow and durham ox are still there but not has pubs. would be nice to see them again if anyone has pics Michele
  10. Thankyou for your help I can see where it is now, the old black and white one is quite dark and so are the buildings, I cant believe my sister cannot remember where she had taken them from. Silly girl you would think she would remember being up so high I would!