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  1. http://www.roll-of-honour.com/Yorkshire/SheffieldAtlasWorks.html Showing names list and photos
  2. http://www.iwm.org.uk/memorials/item/memorial/27662 The problem with a lot of plaques is that they are made of metal and easily stolen and melted down. I remember my mentioning that when he went to a scrap yard in the 70's there were a lot of war plaques propped up at the entrance where they had been stolen and the scrap yard owner said to the person who brought them to either leave them there or he would call the police, so they were left and eventually returned to a safer place.
  3. Hi it might have taken me years to do this but it is finally available to view. Darnall Holy Trinity Roll of Honour for WW1 booklet to view at Darnall church, Darnall library and Sheffield local studies. Thanks to Dean Hill who compiled the list and everyone else that has helped me along the way.
  4. Happy New Year peeps, I am looking up these people for a friend if you could please help. Quote "Hi everyone as 2014 is fast approaching I'm having one last attempt to find my half sisters my dad was Alan Thompson he sadly passed away may 2nd 2011.he married Pamela burgin in the 60 s they had 2 daughters Tracy Rita born 3rd may 1965 and Cheryl Joan born 24 th Aug 1967.I'm not sure why dad never kept in touch but that's his buisness that no-one will ever no.I just want to find them if anyone can help please x" from Keeley Thompson Walsh. They lived in the Darnall/Handsworth area but could be anywhere now. Thanks Sue x
  5. That's great thanks, loving the photo Pc infield
  6. Sorry everyone been moving all over the place. If anyone needs to contact me please do. Dean will pm you, Unitedite Returns this photo was taken when he first enlisted 21.06.15 but he lived until 30.03.18.
  7. Definately Darnall Staniforth Road or something close by. Don't live in Sheff anymore or could pop down. Happy hunting.
  8. Went to Kelham Island museum for the xmas markets but the bomb was still nowhere to be seen until I saw a info board explaining about it. With a little further looking round I found it to be in the storage room on a set of pallet wheels ready to be put back on display after the xmas market. Solved;).
  9. Dunsbyowl any chance of an exact location for the monument, I am looking into Batty's that are grocers at the moment might be of importance later on. Thanks
  10. Went to Kelham a little while ago and tha bombs gone missing, anyone know where it is. Did it float down the river in the floods? Doubt it but would like to know.
  11. You try livin at Crookes Im only bout 1/4 mile away from Lydgate school and travel on the student infected 52 bus every day. Like the spam joke though
  12. Went to Kelham for a look round last week and would you believe developers have dug up the famous bollards we talked about once, they are still there behind some wire fences but do not appear on the visuals I have seen. Another thing, on the visuals there is just paving on the entrance to Kelham does that mean they will be digging the cobbles up? I am very interested in living there and I am viewing an apartment soon. Would like your views on the development, see Kelham Riverside site Sue
  13. I am interested in the new flats development that has been built on the site at the side of Kelham Island Museum. Does anyone live there are is planning to live there. Need a bit of area history and info. Sue
  14. I run past the judge most weekday mornings shouting 'THE TRAMS COMING!!' at fusion.