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  1. Caroleve

    Images of Old Sheffield

    Through out my research I have been sent many images of Sheffield's past. Here are just a few...
  2. J Lodge Epns Ltd, Solly street. Patrick Mcgoohan: Danger Man/ Prisoner.. would love to know about anyone who has worked in the cutlery business and come out of it to start in the new technology businesses that are growing up around Sheffield.. looking at those experiencing the changes and how the people of Sheffield are adapting to them.. thanks X
  3. Caroleve

    Sheffield 2008

    Reasearching J Lodge EPNS Ltd
  4. Dear all, I am look to find out about Sheffield since 1887 up to the present day.. if there is anyone who would like to share with me their memories about the cutlery business and how it interacted/sustained their families whilst it was in its boom, demise, and more recently how they have adapted to the changes that have taken place in Sheffield over the past 110 years I would be very appreciative. I am trying to gather a history of industrial England and Sheffield is a perfect changing historical musium of individuals, and thus deserves reconition and above all else to be recorded for the future. Its changing face is painful yet facinating to be part of. Yours Faithfully Carol X