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  1. Thank you very much Hugh - I have traced the family back to Jonathan and Caroline, who originated from Birmingham, and I think I have all their offspring now, but I had no idea about the grave stone - thank you!
  2. That's brilliant Edmund - thank you! My sister will be fascinated with the connection to the Druids.
  3. I am researching my family tree on my mother's side - her mother was Annie Robinson who's parents were Jonathan Robinson and Elizabeth Smith. Jonathan's father was Thomas Robinson, originally from Birmingham and the licensee of the Don Inn on Penistone Road from at least 1881 and through 1891. Most of the family worked in the cutlery industry in one way or another. Annie had lots of siblings including Thomas, Caroline (Carrie), George, Mary, Edith, Alice & William - there could be more! I am only just beginning but would be interested in hearing from any other Robinsons who think they may be related! I don't have any married names for the other sisters but Thomas married Abegail Howlett and had a son called Herbert Carrie didn't marry as far as I am aware but had 4 children (all took the name Robinson) - Gladys, John (known as Jack), Mabel & Leonard I know Gladys married Morgan Gregory in 1920 but don't currently have further info on marriages etc.
  4. Re the Don Inn - I have been doing some research on my family tree recently and my Great Great Grandfather Thomas Robinson was the licensee from at least 1881 and through 1891 - he originates from Birmingham but was the start of a huge Robinson family in Sheffield......research is still work in progress!
  5. Glad to hear you had a good time - and sorry I didn't make it - friends had my day organised for me before I got back from Canada and I was whisked away for a day out! I'm off to live/work in Greece on Friday, but will keep my eye on the site from there.
  6. I'm flying back to the UK tonight. I'm only in town for a week and have a lot of dashing about to do......but I will certainly TRY to make the meeting on Saturday. As I understand it, it's the Fat Cat any time after 12.30. Any idea what kinda time you'll be heading off on walkabout from there? If I'm bringing my friend, she'll have been on nights and won't want to get up too early, so it may be nearer 1.30 - 2pm before we get there.
  7. I was in the lower 6th in 1971 and left in March 1972, as I thought I'd better go out an earn a living as I wasn't working very hard at my A Levels! I'm knealing up, 4th in from the right on the 2nd row. To my right I think is Barbara Smith, three to my left is Linda Mallinson and on the end, in the mini dress and looking rather coy, I think is Dorothy (surname escapes me for the moment). I remember Barbara Peck from your photo, though you were both obviously in the upper 6th and I was only in the 6th form for a couple of terms. Since I left I have hardly seen anyone I went to school with (though I have lived abroad for over 10 years) and despite staring at the photo, I can put few names to faces. I certainly remember Mr Griffin, Mr Mardell and Miss Freeman though. I too have very fond memories of High Storrs and was always very proud to have been there. The photo is not mine, I just came across it on a google images search and was amazed to find myself on it!
  8. I spent half my youth down Rivelin! I always loved the paddling pools but was never quite brave enough to go in the river. My main memory was going down there with my elder sister at Whitsuntide in my new dress. Sis was on strict instructions not to let me near the paddling pool. Of course, being a contrary little blighter, I went in, fell over and got my new clothes wet through. I had to strip off and sit in the parky's hut wrapped in a blanket until they dried off! Mum went mad - but mostly at my sister!
  9. Here's another one from the BBC website BBC - Unidentifed photos Possibly Sheffield Wednesday There have been no suggestions for this on the BBC site so far - any ideas?
  10. This photo is from BBC site - unidentified photos Believed to be Sheff Utd players at Longley Park open air pool - any faces look familiar ? There have only been a few suggestions on the BBC site so perhaps you can do better!
  11. This quote about Park Hill Flats is from the BBC website I'm a bit concerned about this "artists impression" of what the new development will look like Are those pteradactyl (or other such flying dinosaur) winging their way in from the city? But an improvement on the previous outlook
  12. I stumbled across this ghost story whilst googling on Wadlsey Common I used to go up there a lot as a kid (lived on Ben Lane) but never heard this story before Wadsley Common Ghost and the story even had enough credibility to make it onto a BBC website! BBC ghost stories
  13. I'm not sure if this site has been picked up elsewhere - feel free to delete this if it has - its not been updated for a while, but it has some nice pics through the pages and the Curiosities page is quite interesting Sheffield on the Net
  14. Oooer, I'm starting to feel a bit nervous - its looking like a bit of a lads day out - can I bring a friend for moral support ?
  15. High Storrs School 6th Form 1971 I don't actually recall this photo being taken, but I THINK that's me - 2nd row from the front - 4th in from the right Anyone else recognise themselves from this photo ??