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  1. You've got me there. As you say a bit before my time but I bet there were a few back street pubs around there before demolition and redevelopment. You're right about Stones, a much better pint when brewed with Sheffield 'watter'. Closest Stones pub was the Albion but I used to drink Wards in the Hermitage and Barrel.
  2. The Lansdowne holds a soft spot for me. Had my first pint there, the year 1969 and 1/-9d for a pint of Whitbread.
  3. The smaller door next to the rear exit door (2.25 - 2.30) was the entrance to the managers flat at the top of a long climb of stairs.
  4. That sounds familiar now you mention it, on both points. I believe previous he had worked at the Hippodrome. I have recordings of his interviews on Radio Sheffield back in the late late 60's early 70's, I'll have to listen to them again. Thanks for your information.
  5. My uncle, Frank Gummer was manager of the City Hall. I don't know when he started but he was manager in 1962 and retired in 1976. he too lived in the flat. I recall well going to see him in his office to get free tickets for pop concerts in the 60's and 70's. It sure was a climb upstairs to his flat and interestingly he had a dog which he used to let out of the flat for it to take itself a walk. It was completely street wise and well known in the local shops. Not very PC now because of dog muck etc and certainly wouldn't happen these days.
  6. I remember being in the pub opposite Middlewood hospital gates (the name I can't remember, was it the Beeley wood?) when one of the patients in his pyjamas came in for a pint, A regular occurrence apparently.
  7. We used to call in sometimes when it was on a pub crawl route. This would be in the early seventies, very basic inside with nothing to shout about. Certainly not the glamour pub but a working mans hangout. I remember being a patient in the Royal hospital opposite in 1977 and the ward overlooked the pub. I used to look out and think, I wonder if I could sneak out and have a quick pint. I bet it had been done before.
  8. That's the one. If you played the table nearest the door, you'd keep having the "ladies" from the Barleycorn coming in asking you to go in the gents and get them a packet!
  9. Remember the Albert well, one of my favourite pubs, despite not liking Whitbread beer. I used to frequent a snooker hall somewhere on Cambridge street, could have sworn it was next door to the Albert but the photo proves me wrong.
  10. It would have been January 1970. We transferred over from Newall road and were amongst first intakes, great facilities though soon got fed up of the canteen food so the local pub, Charles Turnbull ? if I'm right, were happy with our custom
  11. The Landsdowne bottom of London road. I was 16 at the time and had been to the ABC cinema, my mate who worked at TC Harrisons said come on we'll get served in there I go in some lunchtimes. My first time in a smoke filled, beery smelling busy pub paying 1/-9d for a pint of Whitbreads no questions asked, I was hooked!
  12. First "discotheque" I went in as a 17 year old in 1969. Used to go in when it opened its doors, 9 o'clock? and leave to catch last bus home at 11.15. What I remember is that I used to drink Double Diamond, think it cost half a crown a pint. If I was served up the same tasting beer now, I'd stop drinking. Otherwise it was a decent place for an apprentice club goer.
  13. Sorry, I meant the Heavygate. Sorry to hear if it is going. Without doing a google earth remind me if the Ball on Coookes is next closest (if its still open). Thinking of catching the 52 back to town.
  14. I'm thinking of have a tour of some of my old haunts from 40 years ago. Can anyone tell me if the following are still open? It'll be Hadfield on Barber Rd, Springvale, Closed Shop, Hallamshire, Heavygreave and Princess Royal.
  15. Had to sleep on this and still not sure but you could be right. Very good art work, not sure if the same artist did them as did the ones upstairs in the Buccaneer.