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  1. sol

    The Buzz Stop Party Bar at Attercliffe

    Was also MJ's Karaoke bar.
  2. Isn't that where 12 o'clock court now stands?
  3. Thank you. That map shows the older building which was replaced. It became a dental lab in 1971 I think, it was empty before that for a few years. There are stories of it being open to the road on street level but I would love to get some more details.
  4. sol

    Brown Cow

    I can't remember his surname, I can picture him and I think he went in with his son and some family on occasions. His son liked Fords if I remember right?
  5. sol

    Brown Cow

    Yes that's right, Masie and Les. I remember you Paul knocking about with Stuart.
  6. sol

    Jordanthorpe school 1959 (?) origin unknown

    This pic is also on FR. My brother is in the photo (he would have been 10 in 1959) but I don't recognize anyone else.
  7. Ditto. Those were the days... and of course after the cinema
  8. The Kitchen family I knew live at Lowedges in the 70s/80s and had a son and daughter.
  9. It's weird for me because I was too young to remember the gale, but in my minds eye I can see the Maisonettes opposite our house without a roof. It blew off almost in one piece. My Auntie had the chimmney fall through the roof into the bathroom, and our house suffered very little damage, just a broken porch. I suppose it must be the fact that it was talked about when I was a child that makes it seem like I remember it.
  10. sol

    Brown Cow

    I remember it well from the early eighties, my parents ran the place from 77-82 ish. Also remember some of the regulars names Eddie, Irish Bob, Woody, Curly, Bruce, Frank, I'll add more as I remember them !
  11. Anybody remember the Shack on Convent Walk?? The place to be seen at one time, owned by one of the Blaskey family I think. Great steaks and a coffee machine that seemed MASSIVE to me as a kid. Quite a few celebs of the day frequented it in it's hey day.
  12. Does anybody remember or know anything about the building near the top of Oxford St which over looks the ponderosa? It was MG Crisps for a while and also Swann and Co Ltd. It's a 3 storey building which was rebuilt and moved a few feet around 1900, around the same time there was a passage through the back yard which in turn lead up to Crooksmoor Rd through a gap in the terrace ( the gap in the row of houses was filled in with a house at the same time I think) I would love to know any info on the past uses of the building, better still any photos of the street or building itself.
  13. I don't know that one but I do remember "Winters" on Meadow St,,, now that was a sad loss!! Winters homemade custards, pasties, S rolls etc, Ham off the bone butties with best butter, Warm bread every morning...... I can still smell it.
  14. sol

    Marti Caine

    I remember Lynn visiting our house when I was a youngster, she and her husband used to knock about with my brother. If my memory serves me well I think my bro. was godfather to one of her sons.