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  1. Hi again not a picture of the Azena in its heyday.....but two pictures have been recently added to picture sheffield Not sure how to post them,or if i'm allowed to,so if anyone wants to stick them on here,that would be great. I'm delighted to see a picture after all these years,just go to picture sheffield and type in azena.
  2. Thanks for the link Dave h,interesting reading,i was raised on charnock......it does seem however there are no pictures of the Azena in its heyday,would love to see how it looked,i can remember the "Azena" sign still being in place,think it was red and very of its time.
  3. Rumour has it that the beatles signatures are still visible on one of the interior walls,how true this is i don't know. There must be some pictures of the exterior out there somewhere.
  4. Does anybody know where i can obtain a picture of the azena when it was in its heyday?(beatles played there in 1963) Searched the net,picture sheffield ect with no luck.Spent many hours playing around the derelict building when i was a kid,in fact i've been in there today,its a co-op,but would love to see a reminder of how it looked.