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  1. Steve that was my local growing up. We could never get served however, as I only lived over the back and they knew my dad!
  2. I lived on Meersbrook Park Road, thanks for posting these!
  3. Does anyone have any memories, or photos, of this place please? Ta!
  4. Thanks so much for these! I need to up my searching game, as I couldn't find any on Picture Sheffield!
  5. I'm looking for a picture of the original H L Brown jewellers which was destroyed in the Blitz. I've not been able to find one anywhere, on line or on Picture Sheffield, but I know one exists as I have seen it in a book by Neil Anderson about the Blitz. The book says it was on High Street with Cockayne's next door (but I was given to understand Cockaynes was where Argos now is on Angel Street). It doesn't explicitly state where he got the picture from. Would anyone be able to help me source one please? Many thanks.
  6. When did the pub cease to be the Blue Bell? I thought it was the Blue Ball for years!
  7. Until recently I would walk though Chapel Walk to get the 52 bus. One morning in August I noticed a guy taking pictures of a shop doorway, and it turned out he was photographing the bloke slumped in the doorway who was surrounded by drug paraphernalia. Our amateur photographer had a shop on Chapel Walk, said that this was affecting his business, and he bombards the council and the police with these pictures and will continue to do so until the "zombie problem" is resolved. I remember Monsoon, Accessorize, Oasis etc down there. Older people talk about record shops, Richard Shops, a model shop and so on. I find Chapel Walk scary now. It is very sad; it smells of wee and it doesn't feel safe anymore.
  8. I never went to Bailey's - I probably wasn't born. But I do have a tenuous story about the DJ Ray Stuart mentioned in that flyer. There was a sports reporter at Radio Hallam in the 70s and a lady I worked with encountered him in the Blue Ball in town, and he invited her to a party at Ray Stuart's house which I am just down the road from as I write this. There turned out to be no party, and indeed nobody in the house at all, he got her drunk and wheedled her into bed. The bounder!
  9. I find this place fascinating. It was pulled down the year I was born so I have no recollection of it and the pictures amaze me. Trying to get my head around where it actually stood - from looking at the pictures, I would guess it is now where the Pig and Whistle/Bessemer pub is? One of those old pictures above (in the middle) makes it look like it is part of the Leopold Square/Leopold Hotel complex but I don't think it is.
  10. My ancestors lived in that house in the 1930s and 1940s. My great great grandmother died in it. It is 54 Sheffield Road, Killamarsh.
  11. I remember going there when I was still at school. When did it close down? I'm 43, and would have been well under age when I went in, about 15 or so - aarrgghh!! Silks that is. Cairo's was a haunt of ours when I was a student.
  12. I remember it as Uropa but from looking at other posts on here it might have been Scamps before that?
  13. My main memory is Wednesday winning stuff. Let's hope it is no longer a memory after this year! :)