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  1. hello i used to live at number 13 cross addy street with my brother len kirk 2 doors away from sharon and kevin walker tony and donald lived 2 dooer away in the same yard at the end od the street leslie gregory lived at the big house marriots they were quite a large family i found this site by chance and would to hear from you again its really nice catcthing up with everyone i will give you my email address please get back to me and maybe we could share our stories and how we have done thro life those were the hard days princessanne215@msn.com would love to hear from you am i talking to kevin walker will you say hello to sharon take care god bless look forward to hearing from you Anne Kirk
  2. hello i remember trevor and brian i bet you remember me its anne kirk my brother len we lived at number 13 cross addy street i now live in the midlands in the i have just found this site by chance wow how it all takes you back to when we were kids thats a few years ago would like to keep in toush with you bye for now
  3. wow just found this site by chance i lived at number 13 cross addy street anne kirk wow how are you all give my love to sharon its been years well forever please keep in touch it would be nice its late now just finished my paper work i am in catering run my own biss its long hours even at my age now please take care my love to all the family god bless
  4. hello there wow i know most of the people there donald and tony lived next door to us its anne kirk len,s sister sorry with all my heart to hear about cecil he was a nice kid i am now living in the midlands near dudly but spend more time in wales be nice if we could keep in touch and exchange our life stories bye for now anne kirk
  5. hello there was good to hear from someone from cross addy street i lived at number 13 with mom dad and brother len i am anne wow i have just found this site would love to hear from you :)