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  1. Shaun

    Sheffield Scout Groups

    I joined this bunch around 1959/60 as a Cub age about 6, wonder if any of them were still members. I remember going on a trip to the coast and visiting a lighthouse, not sure where though.
  2. Shaun

    Pye Bank School, 1954 - 1960 Ish

    Correct buddy, I retired 5th November 2010, fortunately they didn't throw me on the bonfire. Also enjoying retirement and keeping fairly well, had to have a new hip and that made life a lot easier. I think a few of the old crowd go in the pub, if you're on Facebook look for Pitsmoorians of the past or other Pitsmoor linked pages. there has been a couple of reunions in the Normanton of late. Have you heard they are planning a new school on the land at the opposite end of the old one ( Pye Bank Drive?) from the rec and keeping the old as part of the new, offices probably.
  3. Shaun

    Pye Bank School, 1954 - 1960 Ish

    So we meet again. Hi buddy, not seen Ian for a few years but the last time I did he was with Paul Bramhall in the Pitsmoor pub. Paul now has the Normanton pub just off Ellesmere Rd. If you contact him he may be able to help. Hope you are well.
  4. Shaun

    Pye Bank School

    Haunting is exactly the word Les, I started in 59 and I think Mr Jenkinson taught me in that classroom. Wish we could go back mate ...........!!!! I lived at 221 Nottingham St.
  5. Shaun

    Portland Works, Randall Street

    I spent the latter part of yesterday looking at the photos and reading about Portland Works, having served my apprenticeship at Firth Browns, working amidst the total destruction of all that history as it was erased I have seen and feel the need to preserve our heritage. I wish you the best of luck with your cause. Just before I headed off to bed I suddenly realised my family had a link to Portland, and sure enough on looking at the 1911 census I found it. My grandfather Edwin Hoskings aged 17 and his brother Richard 15 were both listed as being cutlers at the Portland works. I went to bed very happy, imagining them having worked on the 1st ever stainless cutlery to have been made in 1913. Richard went to the trenches and was lost in action at Arras in 1917, Edwin missed the war due to health problems and died after contracting gangrene in a leg wound after a motorbike accident in 1949. :mellow:
  6. Shaun

    Firs Hill

    I remember 1960 ish going up Orphanage Rd to go in Roe Woods and there being a riding school at the top of the hill, this was entered through a large stone arch. I wonder if this is something to do with Firshill house, the entrance and drive still seem to appear on the photo.
  7. My turn to be confused now, that's the correct place but there aren't any domestic buildings round there. My Great grandfather lived here in 1911 !!
  8. Shaun

    Where is this?

    I think they were the Wicker side of arches that are seen on Sussex St but there must have been something in the middle to give 2 seperate areas. I found the whole scenario very overwhelming, almost like going back tothe 1800s. Also looking at the map there seems to be some sort of embankment running towards town, parallel to the Wicker, I wonder if this was held in place by more arches. I think this set of arches were in brick as they were not going to be seen by many people.
  9. Hi, can anybody give me any information on this building, I believe it was built in 1845 but what was it's purpose. It is on the corner of Shalesmoor and Shepherd St. The reason for my query is a member of my family lived on Queens Row which appears to run behind the building and while looking for info I noticed a lot of infant deaths on Queens Row. Was this coincidence or due to the use of the building ?
  10. Shaun

    Where is this?

    That's the place, Clyde Steel Works, Coopers used the arches to house machinery and the arches were still open to the elements. It must have been torture working there in winter. As a Pye Bank lad the Wicker and area were my playground, but I was very surprised to find that firm hidden behind the Wicker facade.
  11. Shaun

    Where is this?

    Around 1990 the company I work for contracted out some work to D A Coopers, a steel machining company. I sometimes delivered items to them, the yard was through the arches on to the Wicker and on the left hand side, just before where Studio 7 was. There was no other bridge over the Wicker, so Ithink the arches were an extension to Victoria station, I imagine for shunting purposes. I have just looked at Google earth and 110 the Wicker fits the spot, this must have all gone when the new ring road was constructed. Coopers are now at Fullerton Rd Rotherham. I should think some one could verify their Wicker address. Shaun
  12. Shaun

    Sheffield Scout Groups

    Hi Mike, I'm hoping you can help. I was a cub at what I think was Woodside School, just below Stanley Tools off Rutland Rd. I thought it was the 159th, but I'm obviously wrong. This was the late 50s and I seem to think the scarf was blue with a yellow stripe. Any ideas please, Shaun Flanagan
  13. Shaun

    Was this

    Must admit Queenies fish and chips were great, but do you remember Hoskings opposite the Horseshoe on Bellhouse Rd, I think they would have given them a run for their money anytime. Must admit I am biased though, Elsie was my Nan, followed in the shop by my Uncle Royce. Does Mr Fusco remember them ?