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  1. Known as the Ritz, Parsons Cross opening on 6th December 1937 with Bing Crosby in 'Pennies From Heaven'. It seated around 1700 patrons. It came under Star Cinemas control in 1961 (The Leeds based Star company took over many of Sheffield's suburban cinemas) and its final film was screened on 9th November 1966 - Kin Novak in 'The Amorous Adventures Of Moll Flanders'. It immediately re-opended as a Star Bingo & Social Club which ran successfully for many years.
  2. Yes Jay_505 I saw Roy Hudd & Edmund Hockridge in 'The Sleeping Beauty' at the Lyceum and now you mention it a Dalek did come on at one point in the panto. I also remember Roy Hudd coming on in a long kilt with a wire attached to it and when he was mid stage the long kilt was wipped off him to reveal a mini kilt. Funny what you remember. Leading up to the interval there was a spectacular 'Pageant Of The Four Seasons' - Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter during which there was a fall of snow to bring the first half of the panto to a close. Bet the stage hands just loved sweeping that up twice a day.
  3. I would imagine that this recess was for the sound speakers, being behind the screen.
  4. An original Music Hall Bill for the Sheffield Empire Palace Theatre W/c January 31st 1898
  5. The City Theatre of 1893 was the forerunner of the Lyceum Theatre which opened on the same site in 1897 designed by the eminent theatre designer Sprague.The Sheffield Lyceum is now the only 'Sprague' theatre left outside of London.
  6. Before the old Playhouse closed in 1971 for the opening of the Crucible Theatre, the Sheffield Repertory Company put on a play about Charles Peace. It was one of a series they did about local topics - others being 'The Stirring In Sheffield On Saturday Night' & 'Listen For The Trains Love'. Does anybody else remember these.
  7. SHEFFIELD LYCEUM THEATRE - Week commencing Monday 5th December 1904 - Mr Charles Frohman's Company in 'SHERLOCK HOLMES'
  8. Fiona Toni Dalli was born as Antonio D'Allesandro in Italy 1933 and moved to England when he was 16 and lived in Yorkshire, working in coal mines and the steel industry and began singing in local clubs. He became quite famous for a while and even appeared at the London Palladium. Apparently it was Max Bygraves who 'discovered' him. This may help a little more. If you go into the Local History Department at Sheffield Central Library (next door to the Lyceum), they have a volume of shows at the Lyceum form 1897 to 1969 which they took from my own listings but please don't hesitate to contact me if I can be of any further help. Richard This is the flyer for the panto mentioned.
  9. Hi Fiona The panto the year before at the Lyceum (1959-60) 'wee pipe Whittington' starred the singer Toni Dalli who I believe was of Italian descent but had some connection to Sheffield if my memory serves me correct. Could this be the person you refer to. Richard
  10. In 1960-61 there were only two remaining theatres in Sheffield - The Lyceum, which was the commercial touring theatre and the Playhouse which presented plays by the Sheffield repertory Company. therefore the only theatre that would have dancers would be the Lyceum. Hope this is of help. If there is any particular show you are thinking about I may be able to tell you when it played at the Lyceum.
  11. The 'Adam Faith Show' was at the Lyceum week commencing 31st October 1960. Here is the programme for the show which also had an unknown Larry Grayson on the bill.
  12. The land where the Studio 5,6,7 Cinemas (Ex Wicker Cinema) was incorporated into the new inner ring road.
  13. Sorry to say, Star Wars was shown at The Gaumont, not the ABC.
  14. Hi S24 You beat me to it. My next posting was going to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the opening of 'My Fair Lady' at the ABC Cinema,Angel Street,Sheffield. I remember going to see it there on December 27th 1965 (Matinee) I had already seen 'The Sound Of Music' in August 1965 at The Brighton Regent on a wet afternoon and fell in love with it. I subsequently saw it many times at the Sheffield Odeon then in Doncaster,Rotherham,London,the Gaumont in Sheffield (after twinning) at least twice,Mexborough (my local at the time) and elsewhere as when I was a cinema manager with ABC, it seemed to turn up with regularity at holiday times so I would sneak in to watch my favourite bits.(things!) I have spent many holidays in and around Salzburg so have seen the original locations many times - I not only fell in love with the film but also the country of Austria. The new DVD sounds like a 'must have'. I too have both the original British film brochure and the American one which is a slightly expanded version. In 1976 I went to the London Palladium to see Julie Andrews live in concert and it still remains my most magical evening in the theatre.
  15. On Sunday 3rd October 2010 it will be exactly 45 years since 'THE SOUND OF MUSIC' started its 16 month run at the Sheffield Flat Street Odeon. Where HAVE all those years gone. Here is a photo of the old projection room at the Odeon (taken on 11th Nov.2010) where all those great films were shown.My last visit to this projection room was 41 years ago when the film 'Oliver' was being shown.It was quite a nostalgic visit.