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  1. Hi DaveH my brother lives directly opposite the old cinema, kind of middle right of your photos, he was very sad when they demolished it.
  2. Thanks huthwaite, do you know anything of its past?
  3. Does anyone have any background knowledge of the history of this house, someone told me that during the war two German spies were captured there?
  4. Biscuit Head I have vivid memories of trying to breaststroke through piles of leaves and when you are only 10 it was like swimmimg through mud lol
  5. Hi mickjj, many thanks, I do indeed remember Carol, what a small world!! I doubt if she would remember me, maybe she remembers Roger or Noey the chef?? it was such a special time of my life, I was 18 and loved every second I worked there, especially when the taxis drivers taking us home used to go via "greasy Veras" for an egg and tomato butty !! please say hi to Carol and give her my love, she would maybe remember me hanging around with Renato out of the restaurant or his sister Anna-Maria? xx
  6. Hi mickjj this is my first post and I am quite proud for it to be connected with the fiesta, I was one of the original "fiesta fawns" I applied for the job and can remember having to pass the test of being able to carry 12 pints of beer on a tray before getting the job!! I progressed to working on the wine bar which was attached to the restaurant top right corner of the club as you got to the top of the stairs... I had my eye on one of the chefs in the kitchen and he me!! he used to send me ( via the dumb waiter attached to the bar) mint choc chip gateau and I would send him down a glass of shandy !! next year we celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary... we have three teenage daughters that ask about the club everytime we pass arundel gate... lovely memories of lovely times and people!