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  1. This is the best photo of half penny ive found, please bear with me im trying to get a better one.
  2. I have been looking for pictures of the half penny on the kelvin flats, all ive managed to find is a picture but u can hardly see it at all. anyone got any pictures up close please?
  3. i live very close to where the magnet used to be, i'll take an after photo but theres not much there.
  4. I think i may be too young to remember most of these sweeties but my aunty always gos on about texan bars. A while ago (maybe 6mnths - 1year) i remember my uncle fetching her a texan bar. But unfortunatly my aunt was dissapointed, she told me that it was nothing like she remembered. I dont know if you can still get them, but they have been around.
  5. Hi, im laura buckley. I am 25 years old. I have lived in sheffield all my life mostly in the S5 area. I heard of this website through my dad showing me 1 of your posts about len buckley my great uncle. i found it really intresting, so thanx for the info and i look forward to learning more about sheffield.
  6. WOW! i learned today that len was my great uncle. Thanx for the posts there really interesting... more please!!